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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


Wow :smiley: This is so much better than my fused claptons . I can highly recommend this coil!
It does give a bit of a throat hit though…


Why do I picture the battery indicator doing this when you fire that?


It’s running on 3 batts, so no worries. You’re probably going to have to charge your single or dual battery mod faster than I need to :rofl:


The cells are fine with my spaced parallel; no jewelry for me. I found the effort/results lines intersected way before a 7 strand braid happened!!


Well this is how I occupy myself… to each his own right?
All the time I save not watching TV (commercials) like most people do, I can easily make a couple braids or other things I can enjoy.

I usually vape around 0.2Ω-0.3Ω coils and a battery charge lasts me nearly 2 days. Dropping to 0.16Ω isn’t going to make a world of difference.


Of course. It just looks like a cell-sucker. Looks spiffy for sure though.


I feel ya bro. I won that geek vape zues tank and it came with some pretty nice braided coils. using what looks like 36 gauge. So I popped em in and I was completely amazed at the flavor and the quickness of the ramp up. The only problem is that I will never be able to braid my own…

Anywho, I’m glad to hear your experience, thanks.


If I can make this, almost anyone can make it (unless you have severe arthritis in your fingers)
My fingers are crooked from working on keyboards for 20 years, I can barely write with a pen anymore :smiley:

You do need some patience though.


I can tell you how I do it on steam engine but it’s probably wrong lol. I do the same number of wires and same gauge, set my desired resistance near what the coil actually came out at, and then adjust my twist pitch until the wraps match up with my actual wraps. Again, disclaimer, this is probably completely wrong lol I just use it as an idea of what wattage to start near, most of the time it puts me in a decent general range of where to start hitting it at, but I have used heat flux to dictate my wattage since I started building, Ymmv.


I wasn’t too worried about wattage or anything. I spent between half an hour to 45 minutes braiding this coil and wouldn’t have liked to coil up and then find out I didn’t get to a minimum resistance.

You can vape this coil from around 40W but from 60W and and upwards it’s just a beast. Ramp up is insanely fast for a stainless steel coil, just instant vapor and lots of it. Works perfectly with temp control as well, even on my Wismec :smiley:

The only small issue I had was squeezing it in the fine post holes of the Recurve, kinda had to squeeze them with my pliers until the legs looked like round wire again. This is really for an atty with wide post holes.


A labor of love.


Welp. Nothing fancy. Just simple round wire builds.


7 loop Celtic, 32ga ni80, 3.5mm id in the Wasp Nano.


Nice! who engraved the “Tinman”?


Pic overlay using Pixlr app

It looks good on this


ohh, ok,is what i thought at first but wouldnt put past any of us freaks to engrave a deck :rofl:


That’s a fat coil, but I’m guessing with it being made of 32g it doesn’t need a whole heap of power, you running it on a mech? Or what wattage are you using?


On the rage squonk mod. .22 ohms at 60w.


@Suomynona i love my fish tail braids great flavor quick ramp up and use f all power.
I am loving seeing some braids in this thread keep them coming :ok_hand:


Oh, that’s just purty