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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


6 loop braid on the OG Goon. 3.5mm, 5 wraps, ni80 30g. Ohms out at 0.10


My 1st Clapton in nearly 3 yrs… 22g core, 34g wrapper all Ti… My old Clapton Tool still works. I’ll drop this in a Boreas.


22 gauge? wow! what did it ohm out at?


Take a pic when you get it wicked up!


@Pro_Vapes vapes low. It’s can’t described by a number. It ohms around zenith warrior princess. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll build it later today and shoot a pic on my ohm meter.


Here’s the pics and ohms…

The flavor from these coils is deeper and more crisp than my standard Deep Water Build… I think I’ll rebuild my other 5 Boreas’ with this all Ti Clapton build… and of course, zero metal taste!

EDITBTW it ended up at .05 ohms after firing and wicking.

If anyone is interested…

EDIT… Smaller rolls (25ft to 2500ft) and various gauges (16g to 34g) are available if you want to try it out. Just search the site for Titanium wire. They probably have the cheapest prices you can find. Why buy from other vendors when you can buy direct.


Man. I‘ need to retry ti. I have some but I didn’t like the way it felt on ramp up. Maybe I just need to build a lower ohm.


When I 1st started using Ti I used 25-28 gauge. It was pretty good, but at that time I was also into SS and Ni80 claptons and such, so I wasn’t fully convinced Ti was the way to go. On a whim I tried some 22g Ti right around the time I got my 1st true Temp Control Evolv DNA200 mod and it was a match made in heaven… That was about 3 yrs ago and I never looked back. I’ve been swimming in Deep Water every since.


I wholeheartedly agree my friend. I must say though, that they never have discounts and www.lightningvapes.com is the same wire (or at least it was when I was researching wire 3yrs ago) and they always have a 15% discount.

Anywho, since TI isn’t used for resistance wire, and has a much lower melting temp. I always worried that I would forget what Atty had the TI in it and I did, I always forgot and after a couple of times of using way to much power and getting a horrible headache, I haven’t used it since. even though the flavor on just a regular round wire build was on par if not better than my kanth. claptons.

There is supposed to be some TI wire made especially for vaping and its supposed to be the bomb diggity, but I was never able to find it. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

oh ya, I bet a TI braid would be pretty darn good or maybe not, but it seems to me it would.


You’re right…:+1: it is cheaper there with the discount… and I currently have 2 100’ rolls I got from LV at a very good sales price.

I’ve seen several vendors that sells Ti, but I haven’t seen a preferred superior Ti wire advertised… I’ve just always made sure to buy Grade 1


awesome bro, I am all about discounts. I totally forgot to give you the code, so I am glad you found it on your own. :+1:


My first Alien in months, IMO they are a pain in the arse to build.


Is there a noticeable difference in vape quality between regular fused clapton and alien or is it just eye candy?


@Suomynona Good question. There is a slight difference in taste, yes. There are those that swear by it.

The reason, IMO, is that the gaps are bigger, so the juice is able to get between the wire. When I make a fused Clapton using 38 or 40 gauge, it is almost a regular round wire build because it is so tight. just a theory.

If you want to find out for yourself, message me.


I’ve been a bit afraid of trying them… I hate the amount of work that goes into making them and if they really are better, I think I won’t be happy with my regular fused claptons anymore and I’m too cheap to buy them ready-made.


The 2 spools I have I bought nearly a year ago when LV had one of those super sales. But sharing the code will be useful for anyone that want to try Ti.


Right on, duh. My brain is low on oxygen. LV15 is the code for 15% off. I am not sure if it works if you have never purchased from there, though I am curious to find out.


Oh ya, I forgot to tell you. I could send you a pair free of charge, just to see if you like them if you do, I don’t charge like these guys that charge 25 bones for TWO coils. Insanity!!! I charge 13 dollars for 2 pair (4)

just a thought.


I have only been using Temco wire since i started making coils…i did ask LV if his wire was USA sourced or Sanvik stock wire…never got an answer…but i know the chinese wires are not all the same…there is some info I believe on ECF or Vape Underground where a metalurgist tested some 316l wire an it was not true to the alloy…that was china wire…some of the worse pre made coils were demon killer…dirty as heck…oily…