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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


ya, I would never get wire from china, though they have come a long way with the premade subohm tank coils

I remember the main reason I switched to LV. because https://temcoindustrial.com/ doesn’t have anything smaller than 36g. I do know that Temco supplies just about every company that uses resistance wire in the States. Temco has a pretty good website. There is a lot of info about their product on the website.


still my favorite



A little sumthin I want to share… Last night I built an all Ti fused clapton… 5 wraps spaced Dual 28g Ti core with 36g Ti wrapper, 3 mm id that ohmed out @ .05 (Deep Water) in a Boreas.

This build surpassed the flavor output from my 22g Ti Deep Water Build… insanely flavorful. Of course I’m running this on a DNA Mod in TC and Replay mode and it ohmed out @ .048 on my Triade. But as of right now it’s the most flavorful setup I’ve had.

It ain’t the prettiest, but it delivers like no other coil I’ve built… ever!


Going to give this one a try. Been running my first Ti clapton (22/32 single coil) and it’s been very good. Good to see you posting.


I just had to post this one. I hope some Ti users find it useful.


Wow, that must have been somewhat difficult to build, nicely done sir.

I sure would like to see a video or even a written (with pics) tutorial on vaping with Ti. I have tried it before and I thought just a round wire build was as flavorful as a Ka fused Clapton, maybe even more flavorful, but it was quite a while ago.


1st build. Twisted 28 SS316L 3mm ID Sorry 4 bad pics.


For your first build, that’s wicked! Right about in the sweet spot for 316L SS to boot! I’ve found that most mods, from DNA-powered devices to Joyetech, seem to respond to SS in TC mode when the total cold resistance of the build is around 0.25-0.35 ohms. I’m not sure why, but it’s what’s worked for me in the past.Way to go-Cheers!


Thanks, Welcome Back Kiddo!

Yea bought the 28Ga for redoing tube atomizers then looked up what ppl seem to like for other coils, Research here paid off nicey. Will def increase ID to 3.25 or try an extra wrap next time for a slight increase. But this is very good right now.

My Japanese bulk cotton just came also …just in time to test a bunch of flavors that have been steeping for a month.


So I made this. 3x26g ss316l wrapped with 40g ni80

First time I made a coil. Super happy with the results


Ok. Your first time and you used 40 gauge? Nicely done sir. Nicely done.


First sucesfull (forgot to mention that)

There were two failed attempts prior to this one :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Are you trying to increase your resistance or wattage?


Coils look great, especially for your first successful attempt.


@Fishaddict420 Im all good TYVM.

Yea but thinking… Winters here so Im might be stepping up to a 1500W space heater soon. :snowman_with_snow:


Very nice, Awesome job, I could never make something that nice without the help of a machine. I would not begin to tell you how ugly my first coils wee. Great job!


I need one too. We are already getting snow that sticks.


Well, I did use a drill and a swivel and all of that so there was a sort of a machine involved :slight_smile:


This is amazing for a DIY. Ace Job!


If you are gonna keep going with building your own coils, check out 3dvape.ru and get you one of these…
they are indispensable IMO. The have lots of different tools also. eg. when you have more than two cores, it is hard to keep them parallel. Anywho, here is the tool