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Granted, but then you can’t find the flavors for it again anywhere!


I wish I had back all the money I ever spent on shit that was broken, crap, useless, or I just threw away/never used.


Granted but in will be delivered in coin from the bed of a manure truck.


I live in Texas, lived by a feedlot in Oklahoma, yeah. . .worth it. I’ll dig thru shit for a few grand.


I wish I didn’t have crippling depression and alcoholism, my life is really awful


Granted with eternal happiness which makes you sick


Not sure how this got buried, but rezzing it for the good clean fun! :wink:

I wish eating healthy was cheaper.


All organic and non gmo food is free! But Pizza burgers and fries are health food!


granted cheaper healthy eating however the health food causes tooth loss


I wish I liked seafood.


Granted but you are allergic :rofl:


Ι wish I liked watch football


Granted. You will now spend all your weekends scratching yourself and reciting the alphabet to beer burps.


I wish I had access to alternate timelines and could jump between parallel universes.


Granted but your inter-dimensional portal is broken and you get stuck in My Little Pony World.


Why’d you have to go and do that… Now I have the MLP song stuck in my head…


It could have been worse, you might have forgotten to bring your vape with you :smiley:


Good point. :wink:


Before you come back, teach them ponies how to vape dammit!


Working on it!!! But who’s gonna fix my portal…?