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I wish VapeyMama’s portal was fixed.


Can I grant this one…?!
I’m gonna.
Granted! But that VapeyMama chick can only use her portal if she brings another ELRer with her every time.


Granted, but now every time they use it, random body parts get swapped between the two travelers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish great recipe ideas occurred more frequently.


Granted, but erections will occur less frequently.


The required name change to vapehemama is disturbing


Quite… :confused:


I wish I could come up with a good wish.


Granted. you come up with the greatest wish of all time. Unfortunately, you will never remember what it was.


You didn’t make a wish! So I will steal yours! Lol! I wish I had a stationary mixing space!


Granted but you can only use it on a rollercoaster :grin:


Bump :wink:


Granted, but no one can reply.


I wish TW12 woulda made a wish


Granted, but he wished for your wish.

I wish for a nuclear powered vape mod.


Granted but everytime you hit it you grow an extra eye.

I wish my wish wasnt gunna be corrupted


Granted, but you get nothing, and its still corrupted

I wish for batteries that never hold a charge.


Granted. But they don’t have connection points.
(odd thing to wish for by the way. :laughing: Also, FYI, you can frequently buy dead batteries brand new in the package at “Everything’s a $1” stores. This tip is ‘no charge’’) :wink:

I wish that butterflies were as common as they used to be.


Granted but even the slightest glance at them makes you impotent.
I wish someone would rinse all my bottles for me.:baby_bottle:


Granted, but you didn’t say with what, so…