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We need more participants in the giveaways!

Dearest @JoJo or @Ken_O_Where - would you be able to pin this for all eternity :laughing::grin:



Everyone interested enter why you still have time!


lol hey Tony click on the link above for the giveaway! You posted here on the thread by accident!


I told you I was new at this lol thanks


I knew I liked you for a reason thank you


Good idea!!!


Yes it is lol


Going on now through July 24th.


Thx for posting this @VapeyMama!


edit : ended



Thx for posting this worm lol appreciate it!


Thank you @JoJo for helping with this thread and anyone else who has @VapeyMama! All the hours at work lately has been exhausting and still have to learn that new wiki format! Thx everyone!


Win $50 from HG




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New giveaway! $50 gift card to ECX. Ends August 11th.


Thx for posting this @VapeyMama when I try to edit the wiki above it’ll let me edit but not select the comp/giveaway category! Any thoughts? @JoJo has done it! Thx by the way JoJo