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Dont think people are ripping him down. People are giving there opinions on what they are seeing. Most of the negative posts, including mine also praise him at the same time. He has been innovative early on to me and many new diy mixers, he remains innovative to new diy mixers, his youtube channel still has great content, I still watch it, he does do a lot for the community…but he has become very commercial and business minded, not a bad thing for him, he has seen a gap in the market and exploited it very well…but when you put yourself up in such high regard and spout a lot of stuff it doesnt need much intelligence to see through as trying to sound clever and for commercial gain in my opinion…you also do put yourself up for criticism. As other have said, they are saying it how they are seeing it and disagree with certain things…there are a lot of silly ott arguments in the vaping community, same time there is a lot of ott false admiration be it diy, juice reviews, mods, rdas etc etc…a lot coming from marketing, popularity, youtube channels and other social media…that the world we live in today, doesnt mean we have to agree with all we see.


I know about noted just in podcast form, if you have an iPhone just go to the podcast app and look up diy or die and it’s in their feed, podcasts are free and the info in them is pretty good, they pick a flavor type, like blueberry, and go over several different brands of that flavor. And idk about all the drama around Wayne and diyordie, but I do know I still vape bronuts with an added 1.5% marshmallow almost every day with my coffee lol, I also don’t really know what I’m trying to say other than I appreciate a good recipe regardless of the source.


Appreciate the info on Noted.


Np, I don’t even listen to the radio anymore, there is a podcast about anything that your interested in so that’s what I listen to when I drive now lol


Noted is excellent! Definitely check it out.


I think it’s funny that he has such a strong bias towards something that built himself and then the audacity to tell new people away from it.

“Recipe of the year”…probably another reddit admin…and that’s if he doesn’t give it to himself.

Or some silly sniz about remix of the year.
…"it’s not a clone"
winks to camera


Noted and mixlife are on YouTube


Thanks for the shot of insulin. I was about to fall into a diabetic coma!!! :laughing:


I don’t get it. I find myself saying that a lot lately. LOL


Might be a good question to ask him, about steeping, and what he suggests. I have seen many (online) mixers make things up and vape them as a SnV and talk about how good they are (Fresh comes to mind)… that doesn’t mean to say that they don’t steep the mix later on, but may just be that it was hitting the flavor profile they were looking for at the current time.


If they mix up a dessert or bakery/vanilla, I doubt they shake and vape, as most need steeping of some form. Saying something smells like a goal recipe and tastes like it is misleading and put that in a video without deciphering which one they are discussing is misleading.
It’s also mischevious to make a “remix” by taking a popular known flavor and just adding .25% butter tpa or something, someone earlier on called him out on that here hahaha its crazy


While I do agree with what you say (concerning adding a .25% of something and calling it a totally new creature is (IMHO) just wrong). I can see vaping a fresh juice (cream or such) that normally requires steeping and saying how good it is… take BaN, I’ll mix it up and (if I was dumb enough not to have foreseen I was out of it), can say that this is a good juice… knowing that when it will steep out it will be getting even better. I finger taste everything I mix up and a few of my all day vapes will tell me if I might consider adding a touch more of a flavor to it “just because I know” how it is going to progress because I’ve played that game before.
I might not do that with a new concoction I’m making, or I might want to see how it’s going to turn out as the original creator constructed it. But for many things esp for those that have a good pallet (however it’s spelt, and I don’t have). often a fresh juice is perfectly okay to get the feeling of things to come. Additionally, yeah creams need to steep… but if I make a cream juice up and it tastes good… it isn’t going to last the steeping period… I’m going to vape it lol.


i havent seen all of his videos , but if my memory doesnt fail me i believe he usually is mixing a fresh batch and also has a steeped batch , he then tries the fresh batch when done and gives his opinion then tries the steeped batch , this is what i recall


It’s funny, cause the very next one I watched was his new custard with corn recipe video and he talked allll about steeping! And he totally had the Fresh one and a steeped one. I suppose it was hyperbolic to say “rarely.” But I have noticed more than a few times when he’s either making one up on live mixing or remixing one off-the-cuff for the first time, he will say it’s great or 99% without having the time to steep.


from what ive seen or read he explains how long the steeping should be and even at what temp is his sweet spot , i could see how people could nit like him but i could alsi see how some do… one thing i will always be thankful for is he turned me on to TPA honeydew which is one of my fave flaves i think a lot of mixers have evolved and possibly passed him in terms of versatility when mixing so for more advanced mixers his content may seem useless for newer diy mixers i think he helps a lot , at times we can make things seem over whelming with choices and thoughts


Would agree with a lot of what you say, I started mixing using vaping underground so was turned on to a lot of FA concentrates and his early videos around the same time helped using some of those and a few little tricks. I do think one reason I never fully turned on to him recipe wise is because he has been into so many concentrates that havent done much for me like cap sugar cookie and tpa marshmallow for example.
I do think there are a lot of mixers far ahead of him now and that there always have been, so I guess its the reddit know it all type attitude of several he always alludes to I dont like, I do really like the people presenting the noted series though…unless they have that Matthew McConda bloke on…meh
Personally although he says everything twice, everything twice the youtube presenter I most admire is Fresh, been around for ever and still retains the same passion without the commercialism for all he does…stayed humble…whatever happened to Trevor Jones though, loved that guy?


I’m going to give Wayne props for being approachable and one of few tubers that answers PM’s. I personally enjoy most of his content for free; I am not a paying subscriber. I believe he has done a lot to bring DIY’ing out into the vaping mainstream; that can be a two-way sword. People should realize that it is difficult to pursue a passion while remaining authentic, and I believe he is doing a pretty good job of it. He is entitled to earn a living and he conscientiously creates content, that his subscribers learn from and enjoy. That said the amount of free content (take it or leave it) is also more than sufficient considering what you are not paying for. He may have developed what some may perceive as an attitude, but I would counter that he is stylin in his own way; trying to be an entertainer and mentor. I have a feeling that some of the shade being thrown is due to his departure from ELF, but I could be wrong on that too. I don’t care for everything he does, says, or mixes for that matter…but, I think he is an asset to the DIY vape community.


Do you mean ELR ?? i dont think anyone gets offended when someone goes elsewhere , especially if they are doing something else like ATF , these discussions regarding wayne have come up b4 , i think people are just giving there honest opinions and if anything are offended by him going commercial ( which i dont mind ) but some people do feel that recipes should be shared … i may be wrong about these feelings but i dont think wayne has ever been a big enough part of ELR to offend anyone for not being around much more


I’m not sure why he pulled his recipes from (yes ELR) and as I stated I could be off base on this. It does seem that some folks were offended by the retraction though. I’m personally very happy here and don’t see that “ATF” is better or offers anything exceptionally special.


i think most everything wayne is doing when it comes to diy is based around his business so thats probably the leap to ATF … and im sure his hang arounds are all there as well im happy for him he could turn this into a business more power to him