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Yeah what Wayne said


A Nord merchant who resides in Riften ???


Yeah, don’t be an enema! :slight_smile:


Eeew, that’s even worse than a douche…


I love what he said about mixing and selling to friends / family as long as you give credit, that shows massive respect for DIY vaping a lot of people would have just said don’t sell (full stop) where as Wayne just set the ground rules :wink:


MUCH LOVE !!! Ppl need to be schooled it’s good to see a video on this since new ppl think nothing of duplicates which drives us all crazy !


I’m new and i think it makes perfect sense to at least say it along the lines of

Hey i found a new recipe from this guy online and made it, would you be willing to try it out and tell me what you think of it.

Now i made some sales already (among) friends, and i always tell them what it cost me to make. And i already told them that i charge a little bit extra for being able to buy new flavors, failed batches and testers to hand out between them. They know i’m on here that i get the recipes and all knowledge here and that you lot are a great fun loving bunch off people.

Lol and i only made 2 tests of 30 ml.

Edit: Oh and for the juice i sold (got to mix it tomorrow), i’ll put on the label
Mixer: Duchesst


I never quite learned how to use the duplicate checker. Is it the same thing your talking about?


I’m talking about someone making someone else’s recipe and then making it public as if it were their own. Even when they do give credit it’s like why did you have to make it public the original is already !
50,000 unicorn milks or mother’s milk is just as bad lol and annoying.


Since trying some of the recipes on here I am sooo done with mothers milk lol
And unicorn is too vomity, my taste has changed immensely over the last 3 months


Since i have started doing DIY myself i’m not gonna go back to pre fabricated juice ever again. The amount of amazing recipes to be found on ELR is just amazeballs and just to mix and try the most of them will keep me busy for a long long long time :smile:


Oh I haven’t bought a juice for over a year, no way, but I must of tried 10 MM clones, none even close and I couldn’t even tell you what the original is like now lol, there’s far better on here :+1:


Me too I tried making the popular unicorn milk & mother’s milk & mike’s melons all were very gross because my tastes have changed so much. Of course my batches we vg Max so that has something to do w/ it as well.


I use the favorite button. But There are a couple I always want near to hand. I know what you mean though, very annoying. I think perhaps a large majority of them are people that don’t quite know how to use the site.


I know it and I hate to be rude but somewhere deep inside I want to comment this is over done and dry please don’t post other ppl’s recipes that have already been made public by the creator. I mean there’s ppl rating these recipes that aren’t even rating the original lol

Here’s one of my recipes and there’s 3 of them imagine this done 1,000s and 1,000s of times over this is just one example. I know you and I agree I am just illustrating it.


ya… one was so different they could have changed the name.The other was the same she could have hit the fave button. You were very nice to her though. Maybe I should let her know cuz she probly don’t know.:smiling_imp:


I’m on that same path.

Fizzmustards Nana cream is my go to vape now. For me it ticks all the right boxes.

Waiting for my pistachio RY4-U by ENYAWREKLAW to steep, the test vapes I’ve been doing have got me hooked already, very complex flavour notes.

I’ve tried all the top strawberry custard / cream vapes on here and I don’t like any of them, I want a really nice strawberry cream though so that’s my goal now, I think I know what needs to be done…

I’m avoiding the following as much as possible:

Bavarian cream
Vanilla Custard


It’s no biggie It’s just a point.


Funny you mention cronut… I got that steeping as we speak. Your Hawaiian bread was just fantastic in my kayfunV5…used cherry FA, a wee bit of pinnapple from cap and FA.


Thank you. I like that Hawaiian bread it’s different but good and of course Cronut is always good to me vape it every now and then.