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Same here. I have an adaptation where I subbed a couple of Medicine Flower flavors so it will be at least another 3 weeks or so but the smell is off the chain.


I bought the concentrate from chefsflavours, im vaping it right now after 4 days and it is incredible, I dont know if i can hold out on this batch for another 10 days… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


aaaaaaargh what you doin to me Grubby I haven’t mixed this yet haha :confounded:

that’s tomorrows project then…


Grab the concentrate from chefs flavours Pug you WONT regret it, £7.50 will make almost 200ml(193ml) 3mg Nic/100%vg and 70VG/30PG :wink:


ok so i just subscribed to his site , so i could actually have an opinion , i love wayne i think he is an asset to diy and his passion is great , and for 3 dollars yes its worth subscribing because its supporting him and i have a couple of his recipes in my rotation , one thing though i am disappointed in was his flavor book , for example i chose tfa and he has about 8 listed so to be honest its not a flavor book although the flavors that he chose to write about are done very well its the one thing i was interested in but again id support anywhere here that wanted it @DIYorDIE @Wayne_Walker your opinion matters so for your flave book sit down and create a flavor book that covers at least the top 25 of each company then it will be all good :slight_smile: anyway thnx for all you do


Lol. I think it would be hard to compete against the ELR flavor book. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i know. I was just being a smart a$$. :horse:


hee hee it’s all good !


are you talking about the notes etc , you know what would be really cool is to take the flavor bible concept and use the flavors from the companies weball buy from thats something i would pay good money for


I might try an adaption today, I can sub out Butterscotch Ripple for FV butterscotch and TPA Pistachio for RF I don’t think it will be a million miles away, I’m not big on Tobacco but i know RY4 is really mild so I’ll see if I like the profile of it, cheers Grubby


I would describe it as - A sweet caramel pistachio with “subtle” tobacco notes.

I also get a coffee note?! Almost like hazelnut coffee… :confused:

Let this one steep though, I tried it straight after mixing and got a nasty aftertaste, I was worried it was going to stay like that, I was wrong, it’s delicious after 4 days, will be even better after 14.


Mr. Walker probably has to pay people to do all the stuff we do for free on ELR…you guys realize this is like an information commune here where we all chip in and enjoy the Socialistic meal at the end of the day. Apologies to any Conservatives who decry Socialism as a bad thing (insert generalization here) …looks like we’re all proud Comrades sitting at a Table of Plenty I love you guys, even tho clearly you are all a buncha Communists/Marxist/DIY fanatics. (these are jokes damnit! too far?)

Na Zdorovie :beers:
Neva, the jokes are fine by me. I think we all have a sense of humor on ELR.


This interview Wayne does with Matthew Topolski might be of interest for some.


Very good material. Thanks for sharing!

As much as it pains me to do /heavy sigh looks like it’s time to listen to what @SthrnMixer told me in another thread, and put a few down the drain in the name of progress. =(

Hearing him talk about his experience with “Kanthal snippets” immediately struck a cord with me, but in regard to how I treat SS as well as cotton, so while it’s going to be a hard thing to do (shifting my mindset), I definitely see how it’s more of a hindrance, than beneficial, at least in my case.

Apologies and respect to SthrnMixer, as he definitely tried to offer sound advice. Sometimes I just need to hear things from multiple sources, and in various ways. It’s definitely not from a lack of regard or respect for your opinion though sir. It obviously did not fall on deaf ears. Please know that!


In the spirit of the season Wayne has a new video for you guys to look at.


Gotta admit the video I just watched about “Is cloning/Remixing acceptable” is about the silliest, made-up, textbook definition response to mixing.

We aren’t cloning it, we are “remixing it” :wink: …don’t like remixing it, “authentic replication”, :wink: :wink:

“We are only mixing to give incentive to go to the store and buy that juice”
“We shouldn’t clone, or adjust one or two items an item to clone, and then try to profit it”
…Isn’t that what DIYORDIE did with the oneshots? my man clone, Golden ticket and a few others? I know the recipe is available, but still lmao

“They are copying my recipe and its not fair”… Strawberries and Cream, Milk and Honey, Kiwi and Strawberry, RY4 and Vanilla. Its an uphill battle like pb&j and peaches and cream. Its words that almost sound unusual to say without their counterpart, but good luck trying to prove they copied YOUR recipe, even if it was, you can’t really take legal course against them, Under U.S. law, a trade secret has to meet three criterion. 1. The “recipe” cannot be generally known to the public. 2. It must confer some sort of economic benefit by keeping it a secret, and 3. It is the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy.

…but one shouldn’t try to prioritize a community against actions that the spokesperson is performing said actions themselves. I’m not posting the video because i’m not promoting it, but I’m respectfully posting an opinion to said video haha, DIYORDIE, respectfully, putting this out there, yall are doing things considered great, but reading between the lines, yall are putting out some silly videos.


My geuss is hes protecting himself from being sued probably on the advice of a lawyer. He could easily be singled out and shut down. I appreciate his work but find his recipes to be lacking depth, way too much tfa (tpa) for me.


He can’t post the recipe, and then try to sue people when the recipe is cloned, lmao especially when hes telling people not to profit off “remixs”…when hes making profit off “remixes” or it’s-not-a-tumor/ it’s-not-a-clone.
then these “remix the remix month” when is losing individuality when EACH month is designated remix month, its like trying to repave the entire community in a DIYORDIE light and cover up all the recipes that have been mastered since creation :rofl:


yes it is 3$ a month not a bad deal he dont use ELR he mainly uses all the flavors there is other content besides recipes flavor notes podcasts and several live shows by different guests
DIYORDIE AKA Owner and Founder
Wayne Walker aka ENYAWREKLAW here on ELR
Is DIY Royalty Hes a DIY Legend big name mixer knows this like mathew kocanda
skiddlez ninja ID10T Fresh03 aka Freshepies on elr
JFM , Steamroom , DIYVapor , even zestyvapes , ckemist, jennifer jarvis . my point is he is very well known and a great mixer gis site is well worth 3$ a month and he has a discounted yearly price also


Only in some minds. LMAO

We can agree on that.