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he very rarely uses TFA


Uuhh… Really?! I literally just went and looked at his recipes that are still public on elr and 5 out of the 6 have tpa flavors in them. One of them is even all tpa…


What’s wrong with TFA?



Some off their flavors are crap and some are still the best in the business. But a lot of people like to diss what everybody else craps on. Main problem for most seems to be that TPA generally requires higher percentages.


Nothing! I use tons of tfa. Lol i was just pointing out that he uses it a lot after @Pogojr1026 said that he didn’t.


right on sister. I thought I was replying tomthe person that was dissin tpa, (which, to each their own).

I totally didn’t recognize you, with your new avatar.


It was a rhetorical question bro. :+1:


I’m not denying he is well known, but its really hard for something to defend the hypocrisy.

Well-known is one thing, but it’s brainwashing when you go onto forums and people curse you for saying @JoJo or @Alisa or other names that have been in the game for a while, they are saying these individuals don’t know what they are doing or etc.
lmao I’ve been around in DIY, back in the vapingzone, ECF, UV, back when they were measuring it by drops, not ML and weight measuring was a laughable action. lmao, respectfully, its a lot of reading in between the lines, and unless an agenda is met, fat is tended to be cut in conversations and then people get ousted lmao


that is because all his stuff on elr is very old he dont even use elr anymore thats when he was starting out he uses all the flavors its rare if he uses tfa and with tfa u have to use higher percentages cuz they are weaker


Cool, good to know. :+1:


Hip hip hooray for the Tupac of DIY!

LMAO! :joy:

Def some good mixes by him but he’s no god…very full of flavor knowledge and some great usages in general, but I bow to no one. Enyawreklaw included. :sunglasses:


Great mixer or not.

What he did do pretty well in my opinion is sell himself especially to the younger crowd. What this has resulted in is a load of followers on one hand and a load of critics on the other.

When I started mixing I soon found him aswell and even subscribed to him for a short while. And although I liked some of his recipes, some still seem nice but I usually don’t have the flavors for them, I often found myself wondering “is he serious? Or is he bullshsing himself aswell”. An other thing I learned really fast maybe through him was that I have actually zero interest creating recipes myself, I rather mix something by someone else and just decide if it’s a yay or nay for me (lazy I know).

At any rate one off his recipes has been my wife’s adv for over a year. I wish him well in his endeavours but I’m to old to get on the hype train.


Wow my comment has caused quite a stir … :joy:. I have not had a lot of luck with tpa there definetly are must have flavors from tpa, but as an entire collection of flavors i feel it could be better, this is just my opinion as many bottles of tpa sit in my fridge not being used. Perhaps i just dont know what im doing im sure ill revisit tpa due my constant quest for the ultimate vape. In the time being i much prefer cap, fa, flv, and purilum. I do like the company because of their testing and ingredient lists which i have learned a lot from. They could use some new flavors.


What?! You mean…someone doesn’t like me!?


Oh well…their loss, cuz I’m awesome. :laughing:

As a comment to the rest of this thread, I agree with @Duchesst. Wayne did a great job marketing himself. As I’ve likely been vaping longer than he has, I also have no desire to follow him.


I find Wayne to be pretentious. I am a member of the FB Group. Mostly because there are a handful of mixers I enjoy interacting with. I don’t really have any interest in mixing other DIYrs recipes. I do like looking over what other Mixers have been making though.


ya bro id have to agree , i like hopping on fresh03 show staurday morning to see whats going on , and i enjoy waynes videos , but royalty or gods i think not , and all though they are followed by many that only means they market themselves well and have decided to profit off of diy and or mixing so they have to market themselves well and another name o. this guys list ckemist lmao that guy came around here a year or so ago and just started mixing to put him on some pedastel is absurd regardless im with you @ADKmac no one get me to bend the knee or bow down , i honestly think ELR is hands down the best place for diy and this forum has some of the best mixers hands down that some will never know about because they dont market themselves 7 days a week on you tube


Very well said brother. I’d have to say I agree 100%. IMO, this is the best group of mixers out there. None of us marketing ourselves 24/7/365 to try and gain a cult following or turn profits. I have a successful following of customers in my area for my “black market” company and that’s more than enough for me…I don’t need to be the name drooling out of everyone’s mouths lol :laughing:


now heres a question , i just got some ry4double should i mix it at 5 or 6pct as a sf to test ??? what are your thoughts ? i really want to use this as a top note and add vanilla and caramel both from MF and maybe a coffee ???


well said.

at the moment I have 5 of there flavors that Sometimes need to be refilled. sense i am being so honest… I don’t really buy new flavors from them


IMO, I’d start with 5% :ok_hand:t2: Obviously, from there u will have a good idea of how strong it can be, as u wouldn’t ever need to go much higher than that and kinda base your future mixes off those findings. I personally like it between 4-6% for a top note aswell so you’re right on with that brother.