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I’m not going to send Douche Wayne the Flavor Bro money any time soon. His recipes are pretty “meh”. He’s a cocky little bastard too. His “clones” are not thought out, he doesn’t test and make iterations, he just assumes he nailed the recipe. Not sure why people love this guy, almost every other DIY channel on youtube is leagues ahead of him. Guess he’s an example of how good marketing can make up for mediocre content.


Cant slate the guy, about the first diy channel I found on youtube along with amsterdam vapes and Im still subscribed to Waynes channel. For me there are things I love and hate:

One of the first, so was very informative to me staring out, and influential in that way
Influential also in his way of giving flavour notes in his videos
Has a free website with lots of recipes and other items you dont have to pay for
Continued to expand and improve his youtube channel with shorter videos (week with wayne) and good new content (noted)
Has a great passion for vaping that is evident
Is engaging as a presenter

So most of the things I love are that he has been around a while, was influential and has a great youtube channel. There are quite a lot of things I dont though:

His constant use of imaginary adjectives…wtf is that all about?
Commercialism - He has been very hypocritical to his early videos…everything should be free and wouldnt release his own juice line not what he is about…
then makes his website bigger and subscribed for some content, its not to keep it going, its to make money…also sounds like partsa such as the flavour book you pay for are very fallow in actual flavours
Releases one shots
Releases tshirts, caps, beanies etc etc…I mean fair play to him with these, he has seen a market and very cleverly exploited it, good sales and business but lets not bs about what the aim was
His early slating of commercial juices and how they have sweetener and any recipe needs sweetener is rubbish…now he has remix month, he uses cap super sweet in just about everything he mixes too

The main thing I dont like about the present Wayne at opposed to the early diyordie wayne though, is obviously he is a lot busier nowadays that he has grown as a brand commercially he just hasnt evlolved as a mixer for me, quite the opposite. Heard him several times saying how influential HIC was on vaping undergroundf but only used fa and only made simple recipes, he knew he was better…layering blah blah blah. His most recent tagline with these clone attempts is “we overthink recipes as mixers…keep it simple”…really, bit big headed and taking your followers as idiots if you ask me. He is as a whole still generally using the same concentrates when thex concentrates available are 10x bigger than a year or two ago, he is also using less of them, less layering and making generally really simple basic recipes with apparently not much effort put into them, some of these clones being 90% there look very iffy and recently there was his custard recipe that had been worked on for months…a really basic custard recipe we have seen a million times…with corn added. Also all his affiliations seem to be with companies/people he is involved with that are charging for services or flavours.
I still watch diyordie on youtube, I like the week with Wayne and love Noted…but I watch less and less of the videos he is doing himself as I have to admit I now find him big headed, pretentious and his passion now is commercially minded rather than mixing minded…oh I have slated him now, sorry


Just show us where they are…


i agree those are some good points, the adjectives are ridiculous, its like he sits down with 1 minute descriptions, pulls up a thesarus to turn that 1 minute review into a ten minute description.
i started before he was around, and he does have a great passion, but “its not about the money”, with everything i see DIYORDIE related to a price tag, counteracts it.
Not to mention the absorption that happens in the Reddit forums, (how do the same 5 people always get the acknowledgements and “award of the month”, and they are all like the admins or etc?
I hope DIYORDIE loses it position as “the face of DIY”, (not that it has it) but its a bad representation of what mixers are.


No Thesaurus, half the words dont even exist in an English dictionary anyway. Yes I didnt mention the reddit/alltheflavors awards type thing. I have posted in another thread on here my opinions on the likes of Reddit. I do kind of get that though, I mean to be fair he is very busy and his original forum sitting seemed to be on reddit and now seems affiliated with alltheflavors (started by somebody prominent on reddit). Most of us dont get the time to mix other peoples recipes too often, so he is only going to be mixing recipes from alltheflavors and more likely by people he know and the odd person who breaaks through on there popularity wise with there recipes.
It is amazing the influence he has though just from looking on altheflavors with the recipe breakdowns and the uses of concentrates…so many of the recipes of others now cap super sweet, he recommends a chocolate flavouring…everybody starts using it etc.
What he has done in the earlier days of diy I think was excellent and his youtube channel still has lots of great content on there…its just a shame as he has rapidly grown in popularity so (understandably to be fair, he saw a gap) has his commercialism, pretentiousness and short sighted, self interested arrogance…with things said, I remember one not long ago when he self proclaimed himself one of the best 3 mixers or something, also said something like vaping underground being full of weird people or something…there are literally loads of kinder, geniune and more importantly far more talented and evolved mixers both on alltheflavors, here and vaping underground in my opinion.


I personally think the thread to be closed as opinions are like …


Are like…honest?


It doesn’t make sense when he goes after a community for “weird people” but then says he’s a nerd and weird himself. It’s also strange that he will only show case the same mixers, and try to rebuild and make everyone forget Vaping Underground, ECF and ELR.
…lastly, it’s not a clone …it’s a …looks around remix. :wink:

Whatever thesaurus you use, clone, remake, remix, mupliteied, attempt… it’d still going to be a ripoff of that original recipe.

And let it be known, if you started with DaiYORDIE, you are being deceived, and influenced to hate all other communities, mixers and datbases and programmed to pay, because you will never have full access or knowledge. It’s like a weird religion


I agree I would rather see people build others up rather than rip them down. I would vote for this read to be closed. @JoJo


No one is being disrespectful here, just calling it as it is.


Ohhh I hope this thread isn’t closed.
It would be a shame to close something down just because they are talking down about someone that they disagree with, esp if it is being done in a civil manner. If so we should close topics down when they are praising someone because I’m sure there would be those that would disagree that the person should be praised… but would be afraid the thread would get closed if they spoke their mind.


Ditto to everything you said girl :heart_eyes:


I prefer ELR but I am also a member of his ATF recipe website. I enjoy the active and wonderful community here. There is no question left unanswered and there is no “dumb” question. As a noob, this is the most valuable DIY resource I have found for anything and everything related to DIY.

ELR is not perfect by any means but neither is ATF. I donate my money to both as they are both good resources for specific things. One thing that I do especially love about ELR is how easy it is to make a recipe, find substitutions, and notes; on top of of that ELR literally has ALL the Flavors.


Rofl. Yep.
Irony. Love it.

Ahhh, but there’s your problem.

Those who are easily led astray, are easily led anywhere. Frequently because they lack confidence, but also because some lack creativity. Those who keep an open mind, will usually see the light (sooner or later). And those who think for themselves, will take what they need/want, and move along undeterred and unfettered by the accompanying…fodder.


Almost a year down the rabbit hole and just pushed my stash over 200 flavors. Yeah, I know, way to many flavors for a rookie. I can’t stop buying stuff though. In this year journey I have tried to find every possible resource available. ELR, Alltheflavors, Vapingunderground, DIYORDIE, Noted, Mixlife, YouTube, Reddit, Discord, and many many others. The community here is the place I am the most active, and enjoy the most. I will though suck up any information that I can get from anywhere.

Could not have said it better. That is one piece of advice I would give anyone peeking down the rabbit hole. DIYORDIE has helped me as a mixer. Two of Wyane’s posted recipes helped me make two of my favorite recipes to date. One is a Strawberry Cheesecake that I always have a bottle of. Some of his recipes or remixes are not my cup of tea. Still I did learn something new from all of them. One thing is that I don’t think I will ever like Pomegranate and I am sensitive to florals.


Farts on an elevator? …the guilty party is usually the only one enjoying it :wink:


I don’t watch TV. I watch ALOT of YouTube. I’ve watched as my favs over the years have gained subscribers, and the ones I stick with, continue to enjoy watching, know to keep humble on screen.

You’re only as good as your followers and nothing less. If someone gets a big head, because their number of subscribers, it somehow presents a certain distaste which causes me to stop watching. I’m not saying that about Wayne, but you don’t have to read between the lines above to hear some people have that feeling.

Turning your passion into a following and then into a business apparently requires a great deal of finesse. If you don’t think it matters if people like your online (business) Persona… you’re not paying attention. There’s some valuable critique above IMHO :wink:


Are these public or private?
(first time hearing of them that I recall)

Most definitely agree!

Yep, same here. Many places to find inspiration and insights. But only one worth actively being involved in so far (IME).


As a new mixer I find his videos pretty helpful. I just eecently discovered his videos. However it was my friends that first suggested ELR to me.