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ELR Please Help one of our own


I am proud to be a member of the ELR family …


Just wait until the Paypal option becomes available too, more money will be pouring in.


Anyone that needs to donate via Paypal, please PM me… I can work it for you.


Donation via GoFundMe complete. :sunglasses:


Just now able to read this, Prayers to @paingawd and family. I’m in with some help. Anybody talked to him, to see how he is doing., going to do paypal or fund me. Proud to be apart of this great community.
edit: ok found him !!


Wow guys, we are VERY close …


That’s what I’m waiting for, I won’t input my card details online, too paranoid for that palava :wink:


What has made you smile today


One of the best community i’ve joined in so far. You guys really are the best! Keep it up! :clap:


Almost to the goal.


$928 of $1,000 goal

Raised by 25 people in 3 days


Donated. We’re nearly there guys!


This is what I’m seeing…

$1,000 of $1,000 goal

Raised by 26 people in 4 days

Well done guys! Nice.



Awesome. That’s amazing.


It doesn’t mean stop, I’m sure he can use all we can give.


Amen to that, brother Daven.
They lost EVERTHING they owned!

Got a brief email from him today saying they are OK… They have a trailer they rented to live in until they can move into a rental home for awhile. Hoping he will call me soon with an address and to set him up to withdraw funds from GoFundme.

Thank you to each and every one of you for helping out Greg and his family during this horrific ordeal.


Greg just messaged me with an address we can use to send stuff. If you want his mailing address, please PM me.


Make me so happy to see the generosity of people in an online forum helping out another member who they have never met - the primary reason why ELR is what it is. Makes me so proud.

Well done to you all.


Ok Folks! Just got off the phone with Greg (paingawd) and he’s just overwhelmed right now. About to go in to fill out red tape with FEMA peoples, but wants you all to know how absolutely grateful and astounded by our ELR family generosity.

Greg, his wife, and two cats are cleaning out an old trailer (borrowed from a relative) to stay in for now. He said he got out of the house with two RTA’s and one mod. I asked him what he needs most and he said ‘a rebuild kit’ and some juice. He has been buying store-bought juice as he can. He likes dark tobaccos, Fruity Creams and Custards. So, if any of you can send him anything, that would great. He LOVES a recipe by Sthrnmixer called Berry Creamy … http://tjek.nu/r/4WX1

I don’t have any Forrest Fruit (FA) , or I’d make that one myself for him.

GoFundMe is still open and ready for more donations. He is now the beneficiary on GoFundMe, so when his ID is all confirmed there, he’ll be able to withdraw straight to his bank. It takes 3-5 business days after he makes a withdrawal, to receive.

For those that would like to send him something directly to help him out, PM me and I’ll give you an address he is using.

And, thanks again to everyone that helps. You ALL rock!