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FASTTECH?!? What's the deal?


I had to return an item to FT and they reimbursed me the shipping…Im sure you’ll be able to as well…they had me upload a photo of the receipt for shipping and then gave me options for reimbursement…


That’s good to hear. I also contacted Efun for a return on the Black XCube2. I can’t get it to work with my Ti builds.


Hope you have better luck than I did with returning any thing to Efun wont be ordering from them again.


Have you got your refund yet?


No! They wont even correspond to my emails.


So I guess I’m stuck with this Mod.

So he came on here making promises and this he posted was BS. I’ll give them a few days respond and the I’m blowing up their spot here. Luckily I went through Paypal and they will get involved if they refuse to refund me faulty merchandise…


that sucks I’m in need of a base also… I haven’t used mine in a couple month’s it was my favorite tank until I fryed the insulation… if you find one please please let me know…


Just wanted to let everyone know that FastTech are currently having issues with the post office for ePacket shipments.

They are returning anything that slightly resembles an Li battery.

I had 2 Petri v1.5 RDA’s returned to FT and Jessica created a support ticket about it for me to respond too.

Here’s the quote

Due to post office is now updating their security system, some articles which don’t contain restricted items also fail to pass the security inspection and were returned to FastTech because their shapes or materials bear a close resemblance to lithium batteries or flammable liquid during inspection. Thus, FastTech have to stop using E-packet shipping service temporarily.

As you have selected E-packet service for your order, we’re writing to ask for your decision:

  1. Ship your order via registered airmail with tracking number. You can choose any one of them:

Singapore post
Hong Kong post
Swiss post

These shipping methods take around 20 or 25 business days for delivery usually. We will refund shipping cost difference between E-packet and Singapore post to original payment method within 5-7 business days.

  1. Get a full refund. We will issue refund directly to original payment method.

Please let us know which of the above option is more preferable to you. Please reply to this ticket about your decision within 24 hours; otherwise, we will directly ship your order via Singapore post registered airmail instead.

Your understanding and prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

Just a warning guys to keep you all in the loop.


  1. Read the Fasttech discussions tab on the item you want to buy, before you buy it
  2. If enough people say an item is crap it usually is
  3. If enough people say an item is good it usually is
  4. Fasttech don’t divulge which factory makes an item, you may get several versions of one atomizer (see 1.)
  5. If Fasttech say an item is “Authentic”, it is, ( i.e. Authentic Kanger SUBOX Mini is the real deal)
  6. If Fasttech say “Styled” in the description it’s a clone. (i.e. iStick 50W Styled Box Mod, is a clone)
  7. Avoid long waits by ordering “in stock” or “ships next day” items
  8. Choose UK Express pack at checkout, takes roughly 1 week to Heathrow
  9. Choose Sweden Post for batteries at checkout, never had an issue
  10. Fasttech always declare the value of goods below the actual costs. Never had an item held by UK Customs


I have both the authentic V1 and 2 clones from FT and although I personally dont care for clones but consider that the V1 is one of the best clones I have ever tried…compared together and the parts are not dead on at all.
I am not surprised to hear that an off market base would not work.

I consider their Kanger bases horrible.
I would ask around on a Facebook page in your area.
Just 6 weeks ago I needed a new V1 and found a “juice taster” near me that had one that looks as if he used it once or twice only and he sold it to me for $15. In Canada, a new one IF you can find the V1 at all, is $50 with tax, so $15 was great. but I would be inclined to go that route and have extra parts for it.

On the other hand, I also have 2 x V2 which are my faves and one of them (all authentics) I just bought online for $19.99 and just picked up 2 Youde Bellus which are really an update of the Goliath, V3, one i got for only $18.50 :smile:
Right now its so easy to find one on sale in the US sites for little money.


There are NO e-packets at the moment out of China. For the past 6 weeks, for Canadian, American, European + clients, China Post has been refusing all packages and everyone was given back their e-packet money.

In the meantime, packages are only being sent through Singapore, Hong Kong and the 3rd I think Sweden? (Not sure its Sweden but the first two are correct)


They are returning EVERYTHING, even drip tips. For the past 6 weeks and there are many theories as to why this might be none of which are likely the first you will think of but suffice it to say, nothing will get out by e-packet at the moment BUT its not only Fasttech. I have run into the same problem at the 2 other popular chinese spots I have purchased from…I posted below about how everything is going out through Singapore , Hong Kong and the 3rd choice but that escapes me at the moment as to who it is…


they have some great deals at efun
i think that is where i got the new Bellus from for only $19

( that’s still on its way to me but should be here any day now)


You have to buy from places such as that knowing ahead of time there is no such thing as customer support, beyond giving you great prices sometimes


You are correct about Sweden too.


FT issued me a store credit for full purchase mount. Thanks FT.


Can you find out what type of thread it is and chase it with a thread die? Its probably only the frist 2 treads that are off.


Looks like everyone has covered fast tech very well. Some things have not found any where else. Have an order waiting on right now.


If you look at the comparison to a normal base, you may be able to see that the base is wider than the coil barrel.


Either I lucked out or things are back to normal now. One of my FT epacket orders from The 7th is in New York. The other (from the 10th) is still in China but “Processed through sort faciility”. Fingers crossed they both make it here…it’s the second I want most. My VTC mini :smile: