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Favorite Comedian?


Segura is fun! I forgot him…


In no particular order

Jim Norton
Jim Jefferies
Bill Burr
Rich Vos
Joe Rogan
Louis C.K.
Patrice O’Neil (RIP)
Robert Kelly
Amy Schumer (only female comic I like or find funny)
Franky Boyle
Billy Connolly
Doug Stanhope

Of course all the old school comics. That goes without saying IMHO


Oh yeah, Jim Norton is definitely up there. I haven’t seen much from Rich Vos but he’s hilarious when I’ve heard him on old O&A clips on Youtube and more than one person has told me I need to see his stand-up. So I guess I’ll have to check out his stand-up now.

I’m definitely a fan of Rogan’s podcast, but I find his stand-up to be just okay. He’s too inspired by Kinison. I can enjoy Kinison but it comes off as too much sometimes. But I did really like Rogan’s last special, “Triggered.” Probably his best stand up special since his early specials. Maybe even surpassing those early ones… maybe… Heck, I thought it was funnier than Burr’s most recent special and I think Burr is the best stand-up comic currently in the business. Granted I thought Burr’s latest was his worst special to date (not that it was bad, just didn’t live up to my high expectations of him and maybe that’s unfair, especially with how busy he has been the last couple of years with F is for Family–which I love, his podcast, etc).


If you like Segura, I think you’d like Kreischer. They’re good friends too and are hilarious when they are on podcasts together. Check out Bert’s latest special (The Machine) if you can. I think it’s on Showtime, but I saw the full special on Youtube. Should be able to find it, though it’s not the best quality.



R.I.P. :pensive:


A truly great loss for the comedy community. His wit, comedic timing, and ability to rip into anyone was genius. It’s, sadly, hard to imagine him being able to come up with his style of comedy today. RIP funny man.

Don Rickles: We laugh. Why do we laugh?
Dean Martin: Because we must laugh.
Don Rickles: That’s right. Look who became the priest.

And Jimmy Kimmel’s heartfelt tribute to Don.


I think I saw him do a bit about a college trip to Russia?! That was fun :smiley:


That’s the infamous The Machine Story. It’s probably his most popular story from his Showtime special, but he has a lot of funny stuff on that special so I suggest watching the whole thing if you haven’t already. If you don’t have Showtime it’s on YouTube. He’s also great on Joe Rogan’s podcast.


Funny and rough to watch.


Jeff Dunham. It’s like he knew me when he created Walter.


I like Jeff Dunham is great but my favorite of all time has to be
Red Skelton.


Johnny Carson

hillary clinton

And the list goes on…
Monte Python troup
Benny Hill

Any of these 50 :


Red Skelton was perfect. I watched him recently and have much respect for him.


Louis CK
Lewis Black (who I am going to see in concert next week :laughing:)
The late Richard Jeni
The late Mitch Hedberg
The late John Pinette
Jim Jeffries (not late but still funny)


VAN WILDER is based on HIM?! That is insane! I gotta see more of that guy :smiley: That is awesome!


Yep. Also, in '97 Rolling Stone had a 6 page profile spread on him as the top party animal at the top party school of the year when he was a 6th year senior at FSU lol. He’s really funny and has a contagious laugh.


Louis CK is hosting SNL tonight.

I saw some Benny Hill today on YouTube. His face makes me laugh.


He also has a new Netflix special that was released Tuesday.


Sounds like.Adam Sandler. LMAO