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Favorite Scary Movies for Halloween Season?


The new “IT” was outstanding, I thought they did a brilliant job with the film. The young man who plays Richie, OMG that kid had some great one liners :joy::+1:


IT was great. I loved it.


My faves:

Friday the 13ths
Nightmare on elm street
Freddy vs. Jason
The Thing
Night of the living dead original
Tales from the crypt
House of wax
Devils Reject
Chucky movies
Alien movies
Predator movies
Rose Red
From Dusk til Dawn
The Mist
Anything Elvira.

Too many to name.


It was so gooood. I shrieked a couple times.


I laughed a good bit through that though. Those kids reminded me of my youth.


I liked this version of the film better than the first, because it’s pretty damn close to the first couple hundred pages of the book. The story when they were kids.


All fine films… however The Thing tops that list!


I remember this! little monster babies right?!


The projector scene…


Haha, anyone remember this one from like 1994??


yes! the video game movie right?


Yep!! And a dreamy Edward Furlong… or so 14 year old me thought. :joy:




Oh. My.


I guess aging is hard in everybody! :joy:


Yes, shivers, yes it is.


yup. This was VERY creepy growing up.


Skullblade! new Chucky is coming out next month!


I could rattle on for days about awesome horror movies but I think in the interest of keeping it short I’ll go with one.

Its not released yet but Stephen King’s “Gerald’s game” was an absolutely disturbing book. I don’t remember being scared or anything of the sort but it was horrifying nonetheless. Releases September 29th on Netflix. Be warned if it’s true to the book (they never are completely) you are in for a very effed up ride.


The Evil Dead remake was a good one.


Yes That was a very good remake !