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Favorite Scary Movies for Halloween Season?


The Haunting (1963). No monsters, no gore, just shadows and music. Watch it in the dark and you’ll get a fun case of the creeps.


The babadook. You gotta watch it.


Just saw the poster and press release… never read the book, kinda know the gist of the story , but excited to check it out none the less!


A very fine film indeed. lots of interpretation in that one in regards to loss and depression.


classic! wasn’t there a remake of that?


I believe there was and I’m sure I’ve seen it. The fact that I don’t remember it much probably tells you it wasn’t good. :grinning:


It was… mediocre at best. It started Catherine Zeta-Jones.


right! now I remember!


The Grudge scared the hell out of me. It was probably the use of silence and then that creepy thing crawling down the stairs making that eerie noise.
I have a cat that purrs with her mouth open sometimes and sounds a lot like it :scream_cat:


Anything with Freddy Krueger in. Watched at far too early an age. Still have nightmares to this day that I’m stuck on a cruise ship with him :flushed:


The only nightmares I have about Freddy Krueger is that orange, green sweater of his that someone wanted me to knit for him.
Gave me a tennisarm :smiling_imp:


Eeek…Those colour changes would’ve given me nightmares too, as well as tennis arm :laughing:


You wanna know what would have been REALLY scary? It could’ve been a Dr. Who scarf!


But it would’ve safed me the tennis arm, as long as it is it’s still less work than a sweater.
I might actually make this one, thanks for the pic :smiley:


The Evil Dead, don’t watch it alone… :scream:


I WILL have one of those some day. :grin:


You might need to make two! I think @JoJo might start stalking you if you attempt this!


Besides the classics (Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St., ect.) I like to watch Sleepy Hallow and Salem.


Did anyone else get the holy snot scared out of them by Event Horizon? Sweet babies with rabies! That movie STILL haunts me…


A lot of critics didn’t care for that one but I enjoyed it. Watch once a year or so. While it didn’t cause me to defecate in a fit of fright, it did creep me out.