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Favorite Scary Movies for Halloween Season?


Love that film!


May not “qualify” as a scary movie but I love Shaun of the Dead!!The Babadook is on Chiller tonight and I have that set to record. Looking forward to checking that one out.


Shaun of the Dead is Outstanding :bomb:
I love that movie :movie_camera:


/shudder :cold_sweat:


The Babadook book is available on Amazon. I watched that movie with my son a few years ago and it scared him (he’s a good sport, though) and gave him a few restless nights. Now he’s almost 13, but that movie still bothers him. Is it too tortuous to buy that book and hide it in his room? :joy:


So it was recently announced, that Cult of Chuckie will be on netflix October 3rd. Heads up for al lthe Childs Play fans.

Jeepers Creepers 3 is coming out however after learning the controversy surrounding the director I gonna go with a hard pass.

AMC’s month of horror has been reduced to a week :neutral_face:

and if you like sci fi horror check these out in your spare time, perfect for vaping and looking on in horror lol.

Btw I’m vaping a pumpkin spice cheesecake I mixed and its pretty delish.


loved the ending though …


what’s the one he did with the pub and the aliens ? and hi friend produces Attack on the Block the (Simon Peg’s Sidekick the husky dude.)


I loved event horizon. one of the most underrated horror films ever.


new or old?


is that on Netflix yet? it’s getting really good reviews and it says it’s really gory… how?


The Deaf lady right? It was good what I saw of it but didnt make it to the end … gonna pick it up again.


Yassss!! I almost died. It’s soooo good. :sob::sob:


ok gonna find it and watch this weekend… I got to the part where her friend in the beginning …well you know the first kill lol


Sleepy Hallow is awesome!


Shane Dawson??


Because of that movie, I’m definitely working on my ability to load a crossbow!



Yeah, I heard about that in a Shane Dawson video on YouTube a week or so ago.

People are sick.


yea it’s a shame really, I really enjoy the franchise but in this case I just cant “separate the artist from their work” not into supporting that kinda behavior in any form.