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February's Mix this Mix thread


Im not a chocolate person either but i do enjoy some White Choc sometimes… i purchased one that i havnt experimented with yet… hmmm im gonna take notes on this one and see what you guys come up with lol


my understanding is that white chocolate flaves give a sweet creaminess to mixes so its one worth having i may have got this wrong @Ken_O_Where is that true regarding white chocolate


I reckon that will depend on the flavoring company. I cant remember to much about the WC RF VG, not because it wasnt good but because there wasnt enough of it to really play with.

Ill grab that and WC (FW), i seem to remember it being quite good.


Well I just tried mine and I really like it as is - it may even make into my daily rotation. I am super surprised :astonished:


Get the RF white chocolate it is a very singular note type of flavor but is spot on. TFA is useful too but stay at 1-1.5%,RF you can go 3%-4%. I usually add ooo milky undertone and LB fresh cream or LB cream to coax out a more authentic white chocolate flavor.


Late to the party here… But here’s my stab at the berry squares. I don’t have anything almond whatsoever, so I’m going with a sugar cookie crust. I’m going to mix this up today!


Let me just say, for those who havent tried them, that LB makes some fantastic creams. And if i were to suggest one flavor from OOO it would be milky undertone.

My Pie Crust will be here tomorrow, the new mix is curing as a base just waiting for this component.

YOU’RE FIRED! hehe. I bet it will be fantastic without. And butter cream… Cant figure out why i didnt consider it as it is one of my favorite flavorings.


This is literally my first recipe trying it. Did a finger test though, seems solid!


I originally ordered it just for Sugar Rush, dont try that stuff as it is highly addictive, and now it is making its way into many mixes. It really starts getting good around the 2 to 3 week mark.


i have all LB creams the only one that doesnt do well for me is the vbic like tpa it has a pepper taste for me , i need to try both of those vbic flaves again


are you talking about using this to speed steep ??? if so it is my belief that time is the only way , now thats not to say USC and things dont work i just think the best results and truest taste will come from natural steep i do use a mag mixer before i put it to sleep but thats bc i hate shaking lol


Spammer!!! They think these are food recipes.


i was very confused , and justnlooked at link real quicjlk didnt read anything about product so i was assuming lol , i thought that was wierd lol ty


So how did everyone’s mix turn out? I just tested mine and with some minor alterations it should be a decent mix. I have also received some new flavorings since i first posted my original mix so i swapped out some flavorings and mix another. I reckon ill know in a few weeks.


at first i thought it was a winner but after vaping the entire thing i realized i had to do a couple things different , i think i can achieve a better mix with less and will be trying again soon


Summer Berry Custard Bars V4

0.5% Almond (FA)
0.25% Brown Sugar (TPA)
2.25% Custard (FA)
1% French Vanilla Deluxe (TPA)
1.5% Pound Cake (Flavorah)
0.6% Raspberry (INAWERA)
1.25% Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors)
1.5% Sugar Cookie (CAP)
2% Yellow Cake (CAP)
1.25% Yumberry (SC) (Real Flavors)

I ended up dumping Pie Crust (TPA) for Pound Cake (FLV), lowered the Sugar Cookie by .5%, lowered the Brown Sugar (TPA) by .25% and lowered the Yumberry by .25%.


I didn’t really care for mine too much. Lol. I only made one version. It is something I would like to revisit.


What are your thoughts on what you liked vs didnt like about it? Perhaps one of the mixers here can help, learning from others is exactly why i did this. :slight_smile:


A little too sweet. Not sickly sweet but it touched the boarders of sickly sweet.


Mine was ok, but I have a couple that’s similar and IMO better, so it’ll take a back burner to what I’m currently vaping.