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I adapted this from Bread Pudding & Vanilla sauce from @MysticRose I am having issues with Real flavors muting over time. This was good after 8 days but now its just bland. Should i increase the %. I am looking for stronger cinnamon and pudding/ custard flavor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone else has problems with the VG flavors muting over time ?


Vanilla Bread pudding

Ingredient %
Bread Pudding (VG) (Real Flavors) 9
Caramel (MF) 0.2
Catalan Cream (FA) 0.4
Cinnamon Custard (VG) (Real Flavors) 2
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 0.6
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 0.4
Marshmallow (FA) 0.2

Flavor total: 12.8%

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Yes, a lot of us are having problems with muting. I have gotten to the point that I only mix enough to use within 2weeks or less :frowning: Which I don’t like at all. I like steeping and having it available when I want it. I’m fickle and change flavors often.


Couldn’t agree more.
For the life of me, I can’t understand why (as a manufacturer) someone would willingly choose to continue to use EM or PDO in a base flavoring. Especially given the muting issue being experienced by more than a few, and including mixers that have been at this far longer than I have.

I mean, I understand it (from a chemical perspective, trying to balance out one core molecular component that’s just so ultra strong…) but if they have to use so much EM or PDO to try and knock that particular molecule down, that the end result from a mixer’s standpoint yields the resulting flavor to limited use(s), you’d think that they’d either A. Try to dilute the problem molecule down via alcohol or pg methods, or B. Try sourcing that flavoring molecule from an alternative source!

It is simply unacceptable for my mixing style to use a flavor with such a limited margin of application.

Hopefully certain manufacturers read this, and can either attempt to rectify the situation, or possibly even contribute a “behind the scenes” look of what may be presenting the obstacles they face.

But, as I’m no chemical engineer, all I can do is convey my thoughts and assessment of the situation with the information I’ve gleaned through reading, and interaction with the final product.


Real flavors are notorious for muting and being harsh and kinda hard to nail percentages, kinda done using them for now til the kinks are worked out! Side note don’t get the rootbeers,either of them imho they are not great. Get liquid barn rb for a good rb


I thought he was no longer using PDO and they didn’t contain em? Thought they were alcohol based?

@Walt_RealFlavors Do your flavors have PDO or EM? We are all trying to figure out why there is such a wide spread issue with muting? A few hear or there is coincidence, but I think there are far far too many having the muting issues :frowning:


I wasn’t calling names because he’s not the only one having done such… Just fwiw :wink:


Ok thank you i was beginning to think my taste buds were shot.


Hello. Those who know me are aware that I am fairly new to ELR and to mixing. I have been reading, watching, and taking notes. I am very appreciative of this forum and all the knowledge that I have attained from the veterans and newbies here.

I am working on 3 different Filipino dessert recipes at the moment. I have not mixed them yet but have been doing research here on ELR, AllTheFlavors, and Reddit DIY in order to begin solidifying the flavor profile.

The recipe listed below is the 1st of the 3 I have been working on. I would appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism on this recipe.

Thank you kindly.

@Ken_O_Where @Amy2 @JoJo - I’m utilizing the sweet potato / yam flavors you have educated me on.

Strength: 1.5 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 30/70
Flavor total: 3.81 ml / 5.17g (12.7%)
Price: 0.85


This recipe is inspired by the Filipino desserts I’ve eaten when I was small and continue to enjoy until today. My mother would often make Ube Halaya and purchase us ube ice cream if we were good. I plan on making more Filipino inspired desserts recipes. I hope this will be enjoyable.

► Flavor Profile: Ube Ice Cream Atop a Warm Butter Cookie

• Top Note: Ube (Filipino Sweet Yam)
• Base Note: Ice Cream (Cream with coconut flesh)
• Supporting Notes / Accents: Bakery (cookie) • Hint of Pistachio to accent the SP/Yam with a nutty/creamy texture • Vanilla

► I will be utilizing sweetener for this recipe seeing that it is an ice cream recipe, I think sweetener is appropriate for this mix. * I also love sweet vapes

►Sweeteners to be used
• Super Sweet (Cap) .5%
• Erythritol 10% VG .5%
Total Sweetener = 1% *add more to taste


This recipe is private!

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Autumn Vapes!

Wish that i could help but i have never had this wonderful sounding Ice Cream. We are kinda sheltered here in Wisconsin, if it isnt made from cheese we dont generally eat it. :wink:


Looks pretty solid. Nothing jumps out at me as being out of whack, I’d give it a go as is and see how you like it. Definitely give that one a really good steep.


That’s okay ken. If you like sweet potato (which I know you do) and ice cream. You might like this. How do my %'s look and the ingredients?


Awesome VapeyMama. Thank you for reviewing it.

I’m only missing 2 ingredients - The Vanilla Shisha & Cream Milky Undertone. I have them in my shopping cart for a bulk order for my 4th of July purchase.:grinning:

EDIT - I just bought the OOO Creamy Milky Undertone + the Strawberry Shortcake you recommended just now. I didn’t realize that they offer a 25% discount for ELR members. Awesomeness.


You may not get that much from pistachio tpa at 1%. I would recomend trying a side by side test recpie of 1% and 3%.

If you really just want the nut (that’s what she said lol) pistachio FA at 0.25 to 0.75 may be what you are looking for.


LOL - That’s what she said.

Oh I see - Yes. I just want the pistachio to be a compliment/accent to the Yam. Seeing that pistachio is nutty & creamy with a hint of vanilla.

So with TPA flavor I have, I would need a higher %. If I choose Pistachio (FA) I would fair better with because it would be more of an accent nut (which I’m looking for) without it being to upfront in the mix?


The notes on the recpie side are pretty accurate regarding percents. But tpa at 1% might be ok…but alittle higher might be better.

I do have one pitacio recpie posted regarding how I use pistachio. Very few people is the FA because it’s truely all natural without the green sweet pudding vanilla flavor.


Oh I see. Noted*
Could me send me a link to your Pistachio recipe so I can see how you utilized it?



I see. I see…hmmmm. There a note that this flavor has a “wood-nut” accent. Do you experience this? Since you also utilize AP to enhance the pistachio flavor, does it also enhance this “woody” note?


For FA? Yes kinda. I use it to add little tidbits of nuts. Like when you add orange zest to a bakery. In this case it’s adding pistachio FA zest to pistachio pudding tpa.