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im not familiar with the FE lemonade but ive always had the best results going lower with lemon , i am thinking if you switch the custard or Ny cheesecake with a lighter cream so drop one of them and raise it a bit and introduce something else like FA cream whipped , fresh cream , even vienna cream , personally im a huge fan of FA cream whipped , and pair it with meringue or marshmallow depending which cream you went with something like this

Yellow Cake 1.5 to 2pct to start
VCV1 3pct
lemon 3pct
cream whipped FA 1pct
meringue .75

i dont know how strong that lemon is but id even consider going lower, if you want to keep the NYCC and the VCV1 together id suggest lowering one just my .02cents and im just taking a stab here …

What are you going for here ? it looks like possibly a lemon custard cake just wondering what you want to stand out obviously the lemon but then what ???


It’s not FE Lemonade. It’s just plain old FE Lemon


im sorry i have NO clue why i kept seeing ade at the end of the lemon no wonder why i couldnt find anything on it , i was trying to get some info so i could learn a bit about the flave ty


That’s what I figured, and I appreciate it.


Maybe alittle liquid amber if heaven on the bilberry FA. I would be worried it will take away the meat from blueberry tpa/cap/mf. Lately milk and honey flv has been good to me.


Oops, sorry. I overlooked that sentence. My mistake. Honestly, it was late night tired, blurry eyes.



here is where im asking for help id like the graham cracker to be the top note but not overwhelm the strawberry and cream flaves i also have cap graham cracker v1 , how high can i push the percentage of the graham b4 it is too much ??? if anyone has that knowledge from experiance id appreciate your thoughts ty or suggest another GC


I’ve found that adding cookie to graham helps keep it in check and not overwhelm the mix. For me the GC TPA is quite strong and will take over a mix. Try lowering the GC TPA to 1% and add Cookie FA at 1%.


great idea ty


I can’t take credit for this and I haven’t tried it but a few nights ago this came up in the chat. Please forgive my muddled memory about who said this, maybe @BoDarc or @woftam or @TheTinMan1 it could have been someone else and to add to the confusion they said it was someone else’s trick and everyone agreed it works. I’m so sorry I can’t remember or give proper credit. :disappointed: Anyway, they said the trick was to use small amounts of LA Banana Cream to boost the Blueberry.


I learned early on that banana supposedly helps bringing out the blueberry. So i concur with @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit


It wasn’t my idea. It was late and I mentioned something about the RF BB muffin. One of the sage alchemists in the chat said “So&So’s trick is…” and everyone else agreed. I hope I tagged the right people to come and take proper credit, lol.


i sometimes use 1 to 2% Cap BB Jam to help bring the BB flavor up. i noticed BB overall is a very delicate flavor which creams and other flavors would take over very quickly. a 0.5% sweetener also works. this is just my limited experience.


recommend 0.75% so you don’t actually detect the Banana


I was chatting with woftam and sthrn last night, and one of them brought it up. Tip originally came from Walt, allegedly. Cheers


Thanks @BoDarc, I was pretty sure you were involved somehow. I’m sorry I didn’t remember exactly.


Thanks go to @Ken_O_Where and his Bluenana Custard which I was gifted a 3 month old bottle. Everybody has their Quest and mine was unfilled until I tasted what Banana Cream LA did to Blueberry in that aging bottle of Ken’s juice. Maybe after ninety days the banana had faded to being barely detectable, but what it does for BB was very much detectable.

We have quite a thriving Think Tank here. I’m watching the tinkering with specific food acids driving flavor-based pairing. and clearly we are discovering some actual inner workings of the flavor biz with brute force hacking and luck …and random subjective curious palates. It’s humbling to take part.

I’m sure Walt knows more than he shares here [everything about chemical flavoring engineering] but that’s that’s his intellectual property. ELR thrives on such secrecy, while most of us contribute on an opposite, much lower-tech, end. Creative continuity…


So I’ve been after a good apple mix for some time. It has been a difficult flavor for me to nail down, either the mixes end up coming out very pale, or they’re way too strong and perfumey. This has been my most successful apple juice recipe, although it was supposed to be apple brandy.

It’s pretty much a light apple juice flavor.
How high would you go with fa brandy? I’ve pretty much only used it as an accent flavor, nothing I’ve made with it has actually tasted like a strong smooth brandy. OR is there a brandy that you like or think would work better in this recipe?
And lastly, I feel like this might be bordering on too much apple, even though the end taste is light. Like something might be muting the other flavors. Do any of the apple %s seem higher than they should be?


I almost had all these flavors! dammit …your question brings much mystery and intrigue. Liquid Amber could be the culprit. Wondering why the brandy isn’t more noticeable and this comes across as only a light apple juice. Maybe add a little vodka ala @Maureeenie. I get more from posts like this than recipes that work predictably. Thanks for the share! I have some other Apple Juice type recipes captured so Imma take a look.


Do you know if its a common thing for liquid amber to mute flavors? Maybe I should skip that and see… :thinking:
Its weird, it feels like there’s too much flavor, but tastes light. Which makes me think there’s muting from some combo in there.