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Flavorah Tasting Notes


Huh that’s weird. Another example of taste being subjective. :stuck_out_tongue: There are some flavors that people seem to be nuts about (Inawera Biscuit comes to mind) that I just can’t stand. Real cookie dough has kind of a weird flavor to me and this seems to mimic that floury, baking soda, brown sugar, egg kinda gist pretty accurately.


I did find the celery note faded after a steep… 3 months later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I never got a cookie dough though. It reminded me of their lovage. I think it may be better for me at low %s

Biscotti is the other cookie flavor I am struggling with. This shit is uber potent, even at .5. My initial tasting was at .8% and I had to wash my tank out, haha. The taste reminded me of a crown stock coil, if you inhale on a fresh one. Also a bit like burnt coffee. At .4% its promising but just not my kind of vape


Totally agree with your frosting assessment.

And definitely going to have to get the cookie dough! Lol
Thanks for sharing!


That’s high up on my to-try list! I’m all about anything powdered-sugary! Lol


You ought to dig it then! :wink:
FWIW, my testing ended up with similar results to hers. 1-2% should yield your best results!



Percentage Used: 3%

Equipment Used: Troll RDA with a single Kanthal .3 ohm Staircase coil at 27W. 24g kernel with 32g wrap, cotton wick.

PG/VG: 30/70

Steep Time: 9 Weeks

Manufacturer Description: Frosting flavoring concentrate formulated from the ground up for vape manufacturing and creating DIY ejuice recipes. Can there be a better, smoother way to flavor white rings of PG-VG vapor than FLV Frosting? White vanilla with sweet mellow edges. Lick your finger clean, but no that’s e-juice… Frosting flavored like a dream. Puff puff, you magic dragon.

Manufacturer Suggested Percentage: Universal 1-3%

Aroma: Vanilla, sugar, cream, frosting.

Flavor Description: Clean vanilla. The vanilla is up front and noticeable, but it’s a very light and versatile flavor. No heavy dark notes like an extract. Moderately creamy, not too thick like a custard, but it’s also a little heavier than a plain cream. Light aftertaste of a vanilla buttercream, this is a very nice vanilla frosting. It’s moderately sweet, not sickeningly sweet like an icing. Closer to the whipped frosting (Betty Crocker or Pillsbury) mouthfeel. It’s missing that heavy body of a full on frosting.

Off Flavors: None

Throat Hit: 0/10

Uses: Any place you want to add a touch of whipped vanilla creamy mouthfeel and flavor or frosting. Obviously cakes and pastries, I think it will blend nicely with almost any flavor to customize frosting combinations. I think this might also help to flesh out some body to custards or creams, ice cream and shakes, or fruit dips.

Notes: Not recommended for a single flavor. Maybe 1.5-3% in mixes. It’s not a weak flavor, but I think it will need closer to the 2-3% in mixes to hold it’s place. It’s a very authentic flavor, and I think it has great versatility to be used almost anywhere.

Other opinions: From JoJo on ELR:
Tested at 2%, 40/60 PG/VG, no nic.
Kylin RTA - 0.25ohm dual coil SS; VT133 - TC
SnV - Just sweetness. Maybe a slight powdered sugar frosting vibe?
Rewicked Kylin with Hemp
1 week - Same. Mostly just a semi-dry sweetness.
2 weeks - Same. Like a powdered sugar glaze or gingerbread frosting more than a buttercream or cake frosting. Dry.
3 weeks - Same again. Like a powdered sugar frosting.
6 weeks - Same. Like a powdered sugar frosting.
Not really a SF.
Mixing - 1-2% Maybe more depending on what its mixed with. It’s on the slighter side.
Preferred single flavor mix: 3.0%

From Pro_Vapes on ELR: The Frosting FLV adds a true icing note with nothing weird backing it up. I’ve even used it as a powdered sugar sweetener. It’s a very soft sweetener that I feel could be used like MM and Meringue in mixes. I really like it with dessert mixes over the CCI. I haven’t tried it with fruits yet, but it does wonders for cookies and cakes. It doesn’t take much to influence a mix… I like it at 0.6-1%.

Preferred single flavor mix: 1.0%

Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1

Great note! Thanks!


@redruffensore Thank you for starting this thread (and all who added to it). These tasting notes might be very helpful for others who look only in the notes section of the Flavor List Resource. I like your insightful assessments and ‘blurb’ summary.

I hope you consider adding things like your Virginia Tobacco notes to the few that people like @JoJo posted. Readers of those notes benefit from a variety of perspectives with alternative vocabulary/formatting. Just as we all have different perceptions on taste, how we interpret what we read is comparatively unique.


Just gonna drop this here as i have noted 50+ flavors for flavorah…some more detailed than others. Hope others can benefit from it :dash::dash::facepunch:


I only use it between .2 and .4%…


Thank you @Laura5


All mixed 7-28-17, steeped 2 weeks, 70v/30p, on dual kanthal coils @ .33ohms on Steam Crave RDTA v.1. Dry burn coils and fresh cotton before each flavor for clarity. Also these flavors were evaluated purely as single flavors and @ percentages listed below. Differing percentages, and/or mixing could be very different. Milk Chocolate @ 1%, Vanilla Pudding, Whipped Cream, and Marshmallow @ 4%. Cookie and Cookie Dough @ 2.5%.

Milk Chocolate (FLV) 1% (8-22-17) – Realizing that chocolates are some of the harder flavors to get right, did not know what this held in store for me. Had been warned this was very strong, and they were right. @ 1% it was still too strong, which makes a complete evaluation hard. Overall actually was quite good. As stated, a little too strong @ 1%, but you could still define the clear notes of a good MC. Not dry or bitter, but this one will HAVE to be re-tested @ .5%. As it stands, even stronger than desired, it’s overall flavor was very good. Easy 8.5/10. Will re-tested @ .5% and adjust as needed.

Vanilla Pudding (FLV) 4% (8-22-17) – I’ve yet to find a pudding that really gets it right, so excitement was in the air waiting for this one. Fresh in the tank it was quite good. Sweetness, some nilla, and some of the hard to explain aspects of pudding. This could easily be spiked up with some more vanilla, or even a choco to switch it up. Very surprised by this one, and actually finished the tester tank of it. 9/10.

Whipped Cream

Marshmallow (FLV) 4% (8-22-17) – Heard rumors that there were chocloate notes in a Marshmallow ??? YES there are. Not sure how or why they did it, but they did. Very good overall mix, sweetness was about perfect. Sweetness and some mouthfeel on the inhale, and you can almost taste the slightly crisper outer layer of the MM on the exhale, along with some unexpected chocolate notes, very subtle, but there, and strangely it works very good. I can DEF. see this working in one of my fav. S’more recipies. Can’t go lower than a 9.5/10 on this one.

Cookie (FLV) 2.5% (4-28-18) – Is there a cookie in the house ?? YES, there is. Soo many different cookies out there, and many are different. This one was quite solid @ 2.5%, great slightly sweet, bakery cookie. Maybe a hint of butter elements, but subtle. No choco in this one, but that’s ok. I think the closest comparison would be FA Cookie, in that it’s a solid yet laid back cookie, and def. leans towards the dry side. 8.5/10.

Cookie Dough (FLV) 2.5% (4-28-18) – I love cookie dough, so any CD flavor is going to have to work for it. Let this one steep for over 2 weeks as I read other comments stating that was a good starting time. This one was VERY full and rich @ 2.5%, surprisingly so almost. Wasn’t as much of the dough as I would have thought, BUT, what it has is a VERY good oatmeal cookie flavor. Sure there’s some cookie dough in there, but the main profile to my tasting is a delicious oatmeal cookie dough-ish flavor. Nothing off putting, and wow, for a NOT Oatmeal Cookie, sure seems like a GREAT one. 9.5/10.


Thank you so much! I have a massive cart sitting at flavorah and most of those flavors are in there!!
I am widening my bakery eyes!


I’m not sure if I just missed it or it’s not on ELR, but here’s some info.

I just got FLV’s Hazelnut. Not many notes about it, but there is suggestion for 1% and 2%. The reported average and median are closer to realistic (0.5 and 0.3% respectively).

I’m finding a couple drops per 30ml may be good. FLV does have flavors this strong so it’s no surprise. I’ll keep testing but wanted to throw this out there for anyone who has this flavor and encourage you to start that low and work your way up. Honestly I think 1% in a recipe may well be a waste.


Hazelnut FLV
Bitter smell, bitter taste. There is a sweet, buttery taste with lots of bitter, nutty notes. This tastes like a hazelnut picked from a tree, shelled and consumed. As a stand alone it leaves a sour, bitter taste in my mouth. It is a bold flavor, caution on high percentages in a recipe. Maybe this would be good with tobaccos? .25% might be pushing this flavor too far.
Honestly, if you are looking for a sweeter hazelnut that is more versitile, go elsewhere…


…for more helpful flavorah notes:)


I saw that, but thanks. I meant I didn’t see anything on the forums.

I have to disagree with the “sweet” impression. To me there’s nothing sweet about it. In fact it’s all nuttiness…as in it’s the essence of nuts without the body. I’ve tried this as a sf test, 1 drop/15ml. Adding 1% CAP Super Sweet vastly improved it, but still not there. So yes, this seems to lean more toward being a supporting flavor.

I’m thinking of using this in a reformulation of Hazel’s Revenge. I think it may have a nice impact on the overall flavor.


Nice review!! Make sure to put those notes in your flavor stash! I am so happy you are making it work for you! I sure couldnt!


Thanks, but I’m not convinced that it will work for me, only that it’s hella strong. I’ll come back with more info once I’ve thoroughly experimented with it.


FLV Apple Filling
(mixed 2, 15ml SFT’s, 4-20-2018)

Overview: I have been curious about the whole “over-flavoring” curfuffle since it started… So in keeping an open mind, have to put it to the test.

Initial findings: There’s some flavors that I believe it applies to, and some it damned well doesn’t. It seems like FLV is on track to be another TFA (only in a much more limited capacity). What I mean by this is simple. Across the board, there can be huge gaps in potency.
Just that FLV is not as large a gap as TFA (with some of theirs requiring 8-10%!

Like how TFA has Kona Coffee that should (IMO) be diluted to at least 10% flavor (1ml of flavor, into 9ml of VG) before trying to use 1% or whatever of the resulting mix [effectively a 0.01% use of the original flavor in this example.]

FLV has (from what I’ve read - parroting, I know, and I hate to use this example, but I don’t have:) Alpine Strawberry, which is reportedly used/recommended at 1 drop per 30ml. I can say from experience though (parrot free! Lol) that FLV Rich Cinnamon IS a 1 drop per 30ml flavor (or less!). Others though, are completely legit to use up to 3%.

Anyways, I mixed the two testers of Apple Filling. One at 3 drops, and the other at 6 drops. Both into 15ml. I then ran both in a heated USC (max of 120F), with 3mg nic (as usual) for 1hr.

3 days in, even the 3 drops tester was almost satisfying. 6 drops was bordering too potent for my tastes. Largely due to the rich cinnamon IIRC.

A few days later though and things leveled out, and things changed dramatically.

The one with 3 drops was now “detectable”, but not remotely satisfying. While the 6 drop tester shined beautifully!

The apple came up in the mix, the rich cinnamon subsided, and took its proper place in the back seat, and there seems to be a touch of “bread” or “bakery” to it (it’s hard to describe)… Need to use it a fair bit more before I’m confident in that last bit though (about the “bread”).

Regardless, this is an amazing flavor that I highly/strongly recommend!

I can see the drops suggestion, in a tiny size like a 15ml tester on this case (somewhat). But even then, once you double the amount (for making the more common 30ml), I’m already back up to 12 drops, which I would expect to translate better into percentages (again, at least IMO, and bearing in mind I prefer syringes).

I’m not sure what 12 drops will translate to (literally) when it comes time to test (and I find out with a 1ml syringe)… But eventually I’ll answer that question for my own curiosity.

FLV Boysenberry on the other hand, even with a retest (same day as the apple filling), my previous findings held true. 3% is my sweet spot. 2% was detectable, but far too weak. And 1% doesn’t even hold water (as a possibility) IMO. No “zombie effect” on this one IME.

I’ve still got a lot more to test though, but like I said, this is some of my initial observations.

I’m almost expecting strawberry filling, and Strawberry smash to fall within similar parameters as the apple filling. But those are newer flavors. I’ll continue to test though, both old and new! It’s interesting to say the least!

Gotta enjoy the journey! :wink:


@Sprkslfly What a great evaluation, test, and explanation. I wish I had time to do that on all the flavors I tested. Having spent much more time with the FLV Apple Filling, and Rich Cinnamon I think you nailed every aspect, dead on. I don’t mix with drops, so I cannot directly compare to yours, but your clear comments on doubling with early, and steeped results are exactly what I experienced.