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Good Deals 2017!



Best deal is the Hohm Slice, comes out to $29



The deals at Vapor World continues. Use code TAKE50 to get some really good deals. How about a black Uwell D1 tank for $11.50 as an example.


Hohm slice for $29 and HCigar VT75 with Evolv chip for $40 all in that 50% deal. Great deals on both of those.


Geekvape peerless RDA for $13.99 using code GKP


15% off code = AVS15 and free shipping for orders over $20.00



nice, i need to hold off on wire for a while but nice to see they now have spooled 430ss clapton. Hopefully they have a larger variety of 430ss when I finally decide to buy more wire.


3FVape is claiming an authentic Goon 24mm for $22


That could be the same deal that was mentioned before


I think it was @Fenrir1 that sent this


Yup i posted that before.
And that post has been withdrawn from the site they posted it.
Leading to me thinking that the Goon 3fvape is selling might be authentic.


Then the upped the price to $65.

I stated it they are claiming authentic so buyer beware.

Also according to the email it looks like the sale starts tomorrow.


About a day after you posted that 3f put the price up to $70. Now they’re offering the same RDA for $22 off.


I think they will sell a shitload of Goons tomorrow


You know it could be worth a gamble if you use paypal. You can dispute purchase if it turns out to be a clone and get your money back


Yeah i know.


I will order all 4 colors or whatever and take the chance. Use PayPal.


I barely use the one rda I do have, I think I’ll pass on it lol


Honestly Goon is one of the best RDA’s you can find on the market. Can’t go wrong there at all.


The site just crashed. People must be reading this