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Good Deals 2017!


I have 2 goon clones in rotation right now and plan to order a few more clones eventually. Absolutely stellar vape on my G2’s


3F have a gold troll rta coming soon, I’ve put that one on the wish list


Found this one by pure luck. Enter the promotion code trollrta in GearBest to get the tank reduced from $29.99 to $22.99. For the Troll RTA obviously.



Thanks Tut. I hate clicking on this thread,


Me too


As soon as you click this thread you know it will cost $ :laughing:


Yep, but then the one time you are strong and don’t click on it, you regret it. Because 2 days later when you can’t resist again you see it was that 1 mod or you’ve been wanting forever at 40% off or some stupid stuff like that :frowning:


and which ones are the best is always my problem , the 25r and hg2 are ones i usually get


yep you are right just bought 10 batteries and have to blame @CallMeTut lol but they were needed


I don’t need new batteries, I don’t need new batteries, I don’t need new batteries


I’m not convinced.


I was reading a thread earlier and a few people said @Fresh7 needs new batteries


I have 6 sets that I bought on Black Friday…

I actually need a new mod since my vt167 just crapped out on me this morning for the second time. That will be heading to evolv next week.

Maybe it’s time to jump on that smok alien hypetrain


Yep yep get a silver alien and then u don’t have to worry about it chipping!


For fuck sake don’t. It’s all hype


I need something til my vt167 gets back.

I’m using my old ipv d3 right now

Plus it’s like $41 at myfreedomsmokes right now


Well if you use it for TC I would avoid the alien because it’s awful. Or maybe I just got a bad one. Then there’s the paint issue. This is after about 3 months use. Another smok alien myth crushed lol.


Well it’s lasted longer than 2 hcigar vt167s. That’s something.

I really like the vt167 when it is actually working.

I should have just nutted up and bought the Therion when I picked up the 167. But my budget wouldn’t allow it.


I don’t really know anything about boards and chips and all that but if the actual board is gonna crap out would it matter what it’s housed in?.