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Good Deals 2017!


I have actually had problems with my therions. I have 2. The fire button sticks on both of them. The 1 mod will only use 1 battery. The battery on the right now no longer works. So after I vape on it for a while I take the battery on the right out and put it in the left slot.


I don’t think it’s the board that is failing. It’s more than likely terrible soldering and wiring on hcigars part. Unfortunately I can’t take it a part and void the warranty.


You know what goes good with a new mod?.. New fresh batteries!
Sorry, couldn’t resist.
I’m having a hard time not pulling the trigger, I don’t need any either, but, but SALE!


Ah right, I get it now. I hope you can get it sorted out


Evolv is good about warranty service. It’s just past the vendor warranty otherwise I’d send it there for a new one.


No just no! Don’t do this to me


Sorry about that.
I decided to just get some new wraps and make them look new.
So I guess I’ll pass…This time


10% OFF SITEWIDE at Fasttech on March 17th!!!
Coupon Code: SHAMROCK



Pre-order Wismec Predator 228W Mod best price I found $33.99.
This mod has had great reviews by everyone who’s reviewed it.
It obviously can’t really do 228W as it’s 2X18650’s, but who needs 228W anyway.


I hate to say it since I own a few DNA250 chipped mods but they have been having reliability problems with them. DJLSB Vapes actually mentions that in his end of the year Best of youtube video. He has been an advocate for the DNA chip for a long time but with the reliability issues he decided to wait and see how things are resolved.

I haven’t had any problems and love my Finder 167 and Triades but I have to admit that it is making me nervous with all the problems I am seeing. I really want to buy a Therion too but for now will hold back for a bit.


Skip the Alien bandwagon and get the Smoant Battlestar instead, I have both and the battlestar does everything a lot better and it better built.

Get it here in the US for cheaper than an Alien: https://www.misthub.com/products/smoant-battlestar-200w-tc-mod?variant=23268506501

15% off: Reddit15

I got the Copper and wow is it a looker and the finish is crazy good regardless of cost.

Alien vs Battlestar


You and I both must have gotten a bad one, the new update makes it better though but still pedestrian. I have paint chips on my Alien already and I hardly use it, the fire bar has gotten progressively looser as time has gone by as well. It is a nice mod to hold but I really don’t understand how it got to be so popular, maybe I just got a shitty one…lol


Got mine on pre-order at VapeNW
Can’t wait for it to get here no tank 39 bucks
MIKE’S VAPES review no cons


Why must you and everyone at ECF force my hand to break in my new credit card on vape gear. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got 2 in my cart, black and bronze blue so far but thinking I need a silver too. like the looks of that copper one but all my toppers are black or silver. thanks for the discount code, will post here when I receive them… if I can’t stop myself from ordering them that is.


Dang it
They do look great
get em


Yes, they have been near the top of my list of mods to order for quite some time. Don’t think I can put it off any longer at this price. $109.53 for 3 of them shipped. off to watch/re-watch a few reviews before I pull the trigger


I was tempted so many times to get a battlestar but I listened to the hype and got the alien. The copper one looks great. As for the alien firmware, the first thing I did was upgrade it and it didn’t make a fuck bit of difference lol.


i have two aliens and they are both pretty flawless when it comes to the paint ive had them both for about 6months or so and i treat them like i do all other mods so they arent babied at all

Note: after posting the above comment i hit my mod on a door handle pretty hard so now it has a tiny flaw lmao


The paint on my Alien is perfect too, see post 238. The paint wasn’t the issue I was having though. I would gladly trade a shitty paint job for properly functioning TC.

That’s what you get for saying it was flawless lol


Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA - First 500pcs get it at $24
Coupon Code : DPR