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Good Deals 2017!



That was the the first thing I did too and the new firmware made the TC worse. They do have a new firmware and it has improved the TC, still not the best but passable now.


VolcanoCigs has the OBS Engine on sale for $19.99.



The version I got is V1.2.11, I think that’s the newest firmware available, and I agree, it’s just passable and no more. How do you find the TC on the battlestar?


why do I open this thread… must resist the sales :rage:


A few engines would look great on those new Battlestar mods :grin:


lol, so far have resisted the battlestars. need to finish paying down some debt that I let accumulate last summer/fall during my panic buying. First time in many years I have not paid my CC balances in full each month. Come june or july I should be all caught up finally and have some nice positive monthly cash flow for a change (car will be paid off as well in 4 months).


I’m still dreaming of paying of CC bills, lucky you lol


Wonder what shipping is to US from a foreign country like Hawaii great price though


Just regular 1st class USPS is about $4 depending on weight. My orders from them usually take 3-4 days to get to me in the US. Actually get stuff a little faster than when ordering from some vendors on mainland USA.


Did they throw Hawaii out of the states? lol :scream:


Yes they have been gone
That not bad 4 bucks reasonable
Actually surprise 3.39 shipping to alabama just ordered Thanks was wanting gold one but for this price who cares


TC on the Battlestar is pretty damn good but mostly I have been using the Crown D1 coffee colored tank on it because of the matchy matchy.

I really am impressed with both the Battlestar and the Snow Wolf 200W Plus, both mods have been in TC mode since I have got them and comparing the TC to my DNA250 and FSK mods it is close. All my other mods are usually in power mode because there TC is subpar. I give the edge to the Battlestar over the Snow Wolf overall because of the SW glitch were it asks if it is a new tank after sitting for 5 to 10 minutes.


That’s a pretty high standard. I appreciate the information. Thanks.


Very tempting, I like my SS Engine and just got the Gold Engine Nano which hits really nice for a single coil. Must show restraint to not buy the black…oh the addiction is real…lol


I got the black one for that price it was too much to resist
And it is all ya’lls fault I was minding my own business and somebody post another deal on this thread


That copper Battlestar is too badass to ignore. I just placed my order. Thanks for the code!


im looking for a dual battery mod around 30 to 40
dollars here in the states if anyone knows of one please post ty NO CHINA DEALS

this is one of my aliens , i didnt drop it or anything i have no clue what happened im hoping a friend could fix it


Its a transformer mod, it is starting to change into something else :wink:
Hope you can get it fixed.


dslvapes has a tute for taking it apart which may help you out. I know this video is for wobbly fire button but it has all the tips and tricks with holding the buttons in with tape etc.