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Good Deals 2017!


…best of both worlds and they are having a St. Patty Day sale this coming weekend. :wink: …somewhere up to 17% off list.


battlestar on misthub with reddit15 (i think) code, or rx2/3 from any ole site. few bucks more is g2 on vaporcube with 50% off code


thank you it looks like the two little screws popped or something its crazy , it still works but i dont like to risk anything


ive been looking at these for awhile , they seem very sound and built well this is perfect ty


thank you the g2 is too bulky for me , i know it shoulnt matter but for me it does lol


The slice is pretty good if you get one that is trouble free - single 26650 (it will take a single 18650) which is almost the same as 2 18650’s - max 101 watts


i do still have a rx200 and kbox 200 and these two mods have been solid for a long time no problems and they are 2 yrs old the alien has been good and feels good in hand but they all seem to built much cheaper lately


i was talking to rob62 on the phone about the slice , i dont do temp mode so for me a lot more mods are alright i vape in watt mode just never got around to changing


the battlestar looks awesome i think ill grab one


Mate if you want a small punch in the face mod have a look at the noisy cricket 2 (25mm) you can get them pretty cheap


ya well it need to tranform back , for me the paint has held up no problems and then boom it just starts falling apart ugh


isnt that a mech mod ???


thank you all who have replied


Sort of but no there are 2 modes on it and you can run the batteries in series or para.


i just checked it out they are cheap ill look into them ty


Once you pull the pot off and put it back on they are an awesome little mod.


They need to hold off on that sale until they get some more aliens in. I’ve talked myself out of the g-priv, but now I want an alien.


Noisy Cricket V2 is great.
The new Wismec Predator 228 is very similar to the Alien and getting great reviews, it’s also cheap.


The Battlestar is awesome, a real sleeper mod for a great price.


is it available yet