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Good Deals 2017!


It’s pre-order right now, but should be shipping within a week.
Cheapest I found: https://www.efun.top/wismec-predator-228w-box-mod.html


is this place here in the USA


Cheapest I have found for a preorder shipping from the US $39.99 + Shipping: https://vapenw.com/by-brand/wismec/wismec-predator-228w-box-mod-elabo-kit

From China $33.99 shipped but only black and silver: http://www.smokstore.us/Predator-228W-TC-Box-Mod-By-Wismec?tracking=55bf843f1dd5c


No, efun-top is in China


No it’s China


ill pay the extra to buy from USA but ty i saw the vapenw one ty


Real Flavors SC range are in Rainbow vapes now @Lolly @Grubby @Pugs1970 and whoever else is in the uk lol.


Only available in 10ml bottles. Hope they change that up down the line since some flavors you are gonna use more of than others and you will be needing bigger bottles.


I think that’s just to see how they go since it’s the first time he’s carried them. You should email about that, I’ve talked to him a few times and he’s a good guy and really easy to deal with.


Might have to get me 10ml of the Fried Chicken just to try. @Lovebag will be proud of me :smiley::laughing:


Ordered! Cheers Dr :wink:🖒


What ya had what ya had? :grin::laughing:


Too lazy to type all that out lmao


oh you missed coconut one of the best coconuts there is (imho)\

and chocolate and brownie and and and …


I dont really make anything with coconut tbh, and ive still got a few


I am on a coconut binge atm


Holy McMoly! Exciting :smiley::+1:

Can’t wat to see your creations :smiley::facepunch:


I’m so excited I even missed the i out of wait!!! :laughing:


I have all the same ones you do, I think it would be wise of me to wait until you come up with something lol


Do you think we should tell @R113 that we’re all getting RF pens with our orders?.