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Good Deals 2017!


Lmao tell him you got a box of 50 he will be camping on Walt’s door step in a blizzard



RF pens for sale. 3 pens for 1 euro shipping included. No shipping to the USA!!


10ml is actually a lot since they are so concentrated. Some single flavor mixes might be in the 2.5% range but in a mix a lot of the flavors are 0.50%.

The Cheesecake is probably too strong, I made a mix with a lot of other flavors and only 3 drops of cheesecake in 50ml and all I could smell and taste was cheesecake for the first 2 days, finally settled into the background after 7 days steeping. I hear the baked bread is also real strong but haven’t gotten that yet.

the Caramel is not too strong, not likely it is going to replace my normal caramel but will get some use.


im testing most everything at 2pct SF i think that will give me a good starting point unless something has a note already that is super strong


Fasttech 10% off code SHAMROCK is live

Shipping costs look to be lower too. Not that they were ever expensive


They pay you for shipping? I have only ordered from them twice but I never paid anything for shipping.


I usually splurge for epacket. Granted I’ve never spent more than $30 on a fasttech order.

Really considering picking up a predator 228


Yeah, I’m thinking about the predator also. I’m thinking I might wait for it to become available in the states though.
If you get it let us know what you think of it.


Gearbest have got a pretty good pre order price for the predator on their latest promo, think it ships 22nd, not sure though

Gearbest Promo


Have you tried one yet?


Not yet, I was offered one, then they ran out…it’s on the list I think…can’t remember who with tho lol…


Remember to test it in TC, hopefully it’s not another alien lol





Just fuckin do it!
That’s the nike logo in Ireland :grin:


Sorry in advance for the derail:

You might want to revisit TC. I would link to the massive thread on ECF about this but I know you are banned over there lol. Start about 6 minutes in to this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oiqh1r4tJeA

The thread on ECF has lots of other links to videos, transcripts, graphs, etc and countless pages of back and forth on the topic. So much back and forth, I gave up trying to follow it since I am a TC user already.


Tbh…I use my PWM mods like 99% of the time anyways, I’m sure it has it’s benefits, and I have tried a bunch of times, really given it a good go but it’s just not for me, for me…a PWM lipo is the ultimate vape and nothing comes even remotely close to it.
cheers for the info though.


I really wanted a PWM board in a white rose mod until I realized it was wattage only. I did enough damage to my asthmatic lungs over 20 years of smoking, don’t need to be giving them more carcinogens.


After reading through that (I seen it before you posted it) I’ve decided to not go over 420 F…which I rarely did anyways and I’m satisfied with it.


St. Patrick’s Day Sale
10% Off
3/16 - 3/18

Coupon Code: LUCKYYOU

Wismec Predator 228 Preorder only cost me less than $40 shipped with this sale: https://vapenw.com/new-arrival/pre-orders/wismec-predator-228w-box-mod-elabo-kit


nice post ive gotta grab the predator