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Good Deals 2017!


Not waiting for the Predator. Might get one with next month’s vape budget. Right now, I see a Smok Alien in my future with this month’s vape budget.


I just ordered the silver one, they don’t give an arrival date. I hope this is a good mod


Not many vendors give arrival dates anymore as it is out of there control. I have seen on 1 site though that they expect to ship by the end of this month.

The reviews on the Predator have been really good. The only one that really got my attention was Daniel from DJLSB vapes who has always been critical of Wismec, mainly there poor 510. He said that now it is one of the better 510 connections and the testing showed it was pretty accurate for power delivery.


Fasttech gives a ship date of 3/20.

But who really knows


4 days at my door from Volcano ecigs
23 bucks shipping and all
From Hawaii to Bama that’s fast liking it so far put the stock Claptons in it and vaping away


Told you it would be fast :slight_smile:


Happy Saint Patrick’s day to you and to all with Irish heritage :four_leaf_clover: :tada::four_leaf_clover::balloon::beers:


Aw thank you hun :heart:. I’m a bit pissed of about it though. My SC order is sitting in the courier depot 20 miles away and they don’t open again until Monday


Noooooooooo :tired_face::cry:


I’m gonna call out there tomorrow. It’s not that far to go. I’m keen to get testing these out.


Part of the reason I’m buying this is because of that review, I do gravitate towards the more technical reviews. This will be my first changeable battery mod.


Linking a good one from another thread here:


Caved and pulled the trigger on a preorder for the Predator over at VapeNW. Too hard to resist for under $40 shipped


Just thought I’d share this…
The wire is very very clean. I ran a short length of it through a cleaning rag and no streaks at all. $7.19 for 100ft today but the price goes up to $9.00 tomorrow.


Ya their wire is great i have tons of it here and it is the right price too.


Their wire is great…I have tons of all gauges of SS316L and it has got to be the cleanest wire I have ever bought from anywhere!


This isn’t really a good deal other then the fact that it’s in stock right now. This place is excellent to deal with and shipping is free. The pharaoh RTA $39.99. They are located in Kentucky and last time I placed an order I got it in 3 days.


Efun has the griffin 25 plus V2 (pharaoh rta) for $24 and shipping is about $5. Customer service is shit if you happen to have a problem with an item and shipping is around 3 weeks to Ireland, So probably longer to the US.


Efun.top has some good deals right now. Im thinking about getting that Smok Xcube for 18.99. Thats a steal. https://www.efun.top


i just ordered the lynx and a evi vtc dual and boreas from eciggity when the predator is in stock at a location in the states ill hop on it , i really think its going to be the next alien type craze