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Good Deals 2017!


One thing I can say about Eciggity… they stand behind the products they sell. If you have an issue with gear, and it is truly the manufacturers fault… they will hook you up with another piece of gear or whatever it takes to make it right and you happy. :grin:…and they’ll cover shipping to and fro. Can’t ask too much more than that.


i just needed a mod because ome of my aliens is messed up and have wanted a rda with clamps so i said wth 15pct off and then i needed 8 more dollars for free shipping so the boreas was 15 or so plus 15 pct off i have never bought from eciggity so your comment assures me ty


I have spent a metric assload of money with Eciggity and have never been disappointed with any transaction.

I took advantage of the Eciggity sale as well; purchased an EVic basic for the wife (ninja mod) and another EVic VTwo for my vape apocalypse box. :sunglasses: I love a good sale!


Lmfao is that more or less than an Imperial ass load?


Linguistically, an Imperial assload is larger… let’s go with that one instead! :rofl:


So 1.6 fuck tons to one imperial ass load? Where as 1 fuck ton is the same as a metric ass load?
Ok we can probably stop now - lets just say lots.


im excited about the evic ive meant to get one thwn i always go with some new craze like the alien , i was really considering grabbing a couple of the kbox200 which i have and its been the most solid device ive ever owned i bought it when it first came out and its still going i like the old kanger kbox200 and kbox 75


Just the reason why I bought those Joyetech mods… tough, upgradable and dependable. :+1: Firmware in both Windows and Mac as it should be…

I was looking into a Lavabox M DNA 75… however, upgradable via Windows only… really guys? :smirk:


And this in the year 2017. Manufacturers need to understand that there is people staying the fuck away from microsoft products of any kind. They should be able to service all kinds of OS today and offer a good service for us all and not discriminate a fairly big part of the vaping community.


I have a DNA250 that I’ve been running in power mode for 2 months. 4 laptops in my closet that haven’t been touched in a couple of years. Buy a new laptop? Go to a family member’s home to set it up and drive over when I need to make changes?

Questions that I’m not really looking to get answered I’m just sort of miffed that I have to jump through hoops to get what I want.


I can help you out with that. Since I’m such a nice guy and all that. I’ll send you my address and around $25 to cover shipping. You send that DNA250 over to me and I’ll set it up for you :grin:


Ditto Kinnikinnick.[quote=“Kinnikinnick, post:363, topic:102847”]
I have spent a metric assload of money with Eciggity and have never been disappointed with any transaction.
I am very happy with Eciggity. I’ve ordered several Merlin RTAs from them and on one order the preinstalled glass tank was broken and the spare tank’s rim was badly chipped. I emailed them with pics and they quickly sent replacement glass tanks at no additional charge.

Don’t forget, even if they don’t have a sale going on, use reddit10 or TenOff to get 10% off your total order.


You probably wouldn’t like the mod all that much. The DNA chip is in a stab wood box from WhiteRose.


That’s a very valid point, but since I like you I’ll make an exception. Just this one time though.


I’ve always wanted a DNA, a little too expensive (so the wife says).
I “HAD” it put out of my mind, not so much anymore.
Thanks for that.
Really though, that is fricking sweet!


That’s where I was at thinking about buying the Alien…Go to my wife’s office and try to upgrade it there, sounds like a joke.
Or I guess I could always partition my Hard Drive, buy windows put it on my Mac…another joke!

A mod should be delivered to the door with all features intact and working, at least to a certain degree of usability.


Glad I could help! Lmao!

Seriously though, he has 12 stab wood boxes coming in and he is a pleasure to work with. One on one customer service and you can tell the dude loves his work.

Check him out

Please note that I don’t get any commission for promoting his mods. I wish I did since I’ve bought 3 of them so far :laughing:


I agree. With the advancement of touch screens and such you would think for the price they would include Bluetooth technology. I have a G2 that I haven’t upgraded and this DNA that needs to be set up. I hate to invest in a laptop that will only be used for vaping.


I made it as far down as the one you just posted and had to stop.
He described it as being “pretty sweet”…
I guess I still have a bit to learn, I referred to it as being “fricking sweet”. sorry, it kind of struck me funny.
As soon as i’m done helping the younger kid with a school project, I’m locking myself in my office, turning out the lights, and viewing the rest of that vape porn!


Smok Alien $33.75 free shipping. Only a few colors left. Coupon code MMCSV