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Good Deals 2017!


This is an unbelievable deal, $79.99 for a dna 167.


100 gorilla bottles for under $36 with coupon code yeahbaby! That’s under $.36 a bottle!



That’s a really good deal. Free shipping too! I want to order them, but I don’t need them…I guess that is my addiction.


Maybe you can buy them and pass them out on your Anonymous Flavor Addict meetings?


Lol! I know i ordered around 1500 30ml and 2500 10ml from vaporworld.biz on black Friday for like $125 each set. I’m good for life but the down side is they are all the black bottles.


Hmmm, I could toss empty bottles instead of candy bars for participation?

Nahhhh, I’m too greedy, they would have to sit in my drawer unused just so I would know I have them. THAT is the sickness :frowning:


There’s something very appealing about fresh clean and unused bottles - only thing coming close is new notebooks and office supplies lol


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Medicine Flower is having a spring floral sale !


Spring is in the air!
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Bulgarian Rose Flavor
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Linden Blossom Absolute
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Violet Flavor
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Agarwood (Oud) Absolute
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Frangipani Absolute
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Orange Blossom Absolute
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Icon RDA (Mike Vapes) pre-order $14.90


Have you ever ordered from elego mall? I was just wondering how they are to deal with? Do they actually ship what you order?


Yes and Yes is the short answer.:grinning:
They are very similar to all of the other Chinese suppliers, not the quickest, but your order arrives eventually, at least my previous order did.
I also ordered the Icon RDA.


Welcome Florian.

That kit is a good one but this one one I think is better.



The one you originally posted has 4 buttons. The one I posted I consider a better product in my opinion with one less button.

If you are looking for an entry level devixe, one of the two you posted last is perfect. To keep this thread on topic you can start a thread about picking a new device without links to that site or feel free to send me a private message and I will help you any way I can with picking out the right device for a beginner vapor.


Smok g320 kit with tfv8 tank $49! Sale will usually end at 3pm est.



You could always start out really simple and switch to something like the Pico or one of the other mini ones when you know what you want:


Those both look to be newer versions of the very popular eGo AIO - a very popular, user-friendly device. Easy to set up for first use, very user-friendly in the long run. My mom still prefers it to using a mod - she says a device like that is ‘less fiddly’. Heck, I still have one for use when I’m out on school trips with my son. It’s portable, discreet, and isn’t known to make enormous clouds.

The only downside that I can see to those devices is that if your battery runs out, you can’t just pop in a new one. If you spend a lot of time where USB charging isn’t available you might want to consider either a different device or buying two of them. When I started vaping I had a couple of slips back to smoking due to dead batteries - easily avoidable if you plan ahead!


This Labelmaker was brought to my attention. This is the same one that Ken and I purchased last year. I paid over $70 with shipping for the same printer.



$70 is kinda cheap considering what this guy is charging for the same printer. I mean US $1.169,99 is kinda steep don’t you think…


That price is insane. For that amount I’d just keep labeling with tape and markers.