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Good Deals 2017!


You’re right, of course it happens in many industries.
I’m just trying to find a way of knowing when something is authentic or not, and more importantly, who is is lying to us.


Wismec rx 200 and joyetech cuboid, buy one get one free. Just add them separately to your basket, no code needed. UK wearhouse only for some reason, sorry everyone else :grin:
Just ordered 2 of both myself, but be quick because I don’t know how long this will last.


So, who do you choose to believe and why?


I can tell you this I have a few wholesale accounts here in the US bc I have a business license. Here is what it cost for an authentic Goon there. They also have the LP version and they are $47 and they have the gold and stainless in stock. The regular goon is out of stock. This is definetly a verified cite that does not sell clones. Now granted I would also have to pay shipping which would be like $3 on 1 item it’s still not a bad price and very comparable to 3fvape


$34 for a Goon is the first time i have seen a reasonable price on them. That should be normal retail price on them if you ask me.
Edit! And if that would be normal retail price they would sell a metric ton of those fuckers to people everywhere that wanna have an authentic Goon and 528customs would make bank for sure.


Must be a glitch, take advantage while you can. Also, "only shipped to UK addresses " :frowning:


I’ve ordered 2 of eact, rx and cuboid. couldn’t not do it. There good solid devices, just update them and put them away. Always good to put in the vape hoard
Edit. It did say uk warehouse, wasn’t sure about where they would ship, I presumed Europe.


528 because of my experience in dealing with Chinese companies, US companies are usually way more reliable and honest.
I do not want to paint all Chinese companies with the same brush, there are a lot of good ones, but I used to import tools from China and the US, and in those days it was hard to believe anything the Chinese companies would say, they just said whatever it was they thought you wanted to hear. Things have improved, they have learnt and come a long way but that’s my reason for choosing to believe 528.



15.00 USD for an evic mini TC! A great little 75W mod that is upgradable. The only caveat to this deal is you can’t choose the color. I ordered a couple and thinking of getting more.


Nice price! Dependable Mod!! Skins are always a possibility if one doesn’t care for the color. I might have to order a few of these myself. Thx for the keen eyes on a good deal! :sunglasses:


I’m already looking for some decent non-cartoony skins LOL


Clearance on non-TPD compliant tanks - all £9.00 including Smok Cloud Beast:



And so it starts…:ok_hand::wink:


50% of everything. I got 6, yes 6 bottles of elements juice for £24

Enter discount code Vape50 at the checkout.
Note. I struggled using my mobile but it was easy on the laptop


Vape50 code no longer working… Sorry for any disappointment


More joy!
Wednesday of next week all juice half price.

As advertised on their Facebook page


Why are you trying to advertise juice deals in a diy site?.


Fair point… although my first “advert” was a code for everything. I just happened to grab some of my favourite flavours (which normally I’d consider too expensive) that I’ve been trying to clone. After many attempts I could do with actually comparing mine alongside the originals.
That code expired but having noticed another deal I thought I’d share it. Being new to the site I was aware you are homebrew purists. I’ll keep future deals limited to codes that cover all items.


Also, I can see where juice for sale sites do have a place in the diy realm. I haven’t bought store juice in years, BUT if for some reason I wanted to try and clone a well known juice, it would be nice to purchase said juice at a discounted price.
It sounds like I’m being the devils advocate here, but I’m not trying to be.


Welcome to ELR @Pale_Ryder. :wink: Good to have another member who looks out for deals and steals. It’s no issue to bring any and all deals for gear, juice, flavors, tools, etc… to this thread. The more the merrier… see ya 'round the water cooler. :grin: