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Good Deals 2017!


Yeah, that’s why I was trying to say “it’s not that there aren’t some good deals to be had…” you just really have to stay on your toes while shopping there.


Pffft…I see how it is @Sprkslfly . I go through all the hard work of painstakingly highlight some text, pressing cmd+c (that’s like ctrl+c for all you non-mac people), and then pressing cmd+v and this is the thanks I get?? :rofl:

Kidding…I don’t really shop at RTS but like you said, they do have some good deals sprinkled in with the not-so-good ones. I hate the glass vials though. I got a ton of Inawera for next to nothing at the last sale.

Moving on…

Discord user Healyeah got a code for www.dropperbottles.com for 10% off — DIY.


If you live in the states 101 Vapes has the Kylin RTA in black or SS for $22.99


Nicotine River has a 25% off on Purilum Flavors. Ends at midnight. Code PURILUM


Are there good reviews on the kylin? I know I have seen it mentioned.


You mean like right here on ELR? :wink:


From what I know of it
-deck style simular to the Reload and Ammit Dual
-with the Kylin and Ammit weeping around the AFC ring can be an issue and seems to be the main compliant
-flavor will be very good especially with the smaller tank set up

Overall it is a very good flavor tank. The learning curve for wicking my be longer than most RTAs. It seems cut and dry but the weeping makes you rethink the wicking,


Twisted Messes Cubed RDA $25.00 / Goon RDA $45.00

Here’s a pair of dripper deals from the good people over at SelectVape. The stainless steel Twisted Messes Cubed RDA is on clearance for only $25.00! The regular price is $75, so this is a pretty serious discount. In fact, I can’t find any other vendor that is selling it for under $50 right now. Grab one while you can.

They’re also selling the original 528 Custom Vapes Goon RDA for only $45.00. Take your pick from either stainless steel or black. Keep in mind that these are being discontinued due to the release of the Goon V1.5, so if you don’t have one in your collection already, now might be a good time to pick one up.

And best of all, SelectVape offers FREE same day shipping on all US orders! I don’t think we’ve mentioned them here on VAPE DEALS before, but I have placed several orders with these guys and their service has always been top notch.

$45 Goon RDA
$25 Twisted Messes Cubed RDA


ive been wanting a goon , how is the cube


Go for the goon. I tried a few drippers and didn’t like them at all. Once I got a goon that all changed, it’s fucking great.


I would go for the Goon also. But, from what I’ve heard a lot of people like the cube and pair it with their box mods.Very good build quality, large build deck (easy to build & wick), reasonable size juice well, good flavor and a lot of airflow. It also comes with a drip tip adapter to boot (just in case you don’t want the square drip tip).


God I hate being broke every time stuff like this rolls around.


I just got a goon last week for an obs engine and €15. Not a bad deal I thought.


In my head I can’t work out how how the cube would mess with the air flow…??

Intrigued though…


I remember watching this months ago…may point out a few pros and cons about it if you are curious.


thank you , i do appreciate the link , and every now and then ill watch a review , however im notbsure whos who as far as reviewers , like are they getting paid are they doing it for free stuff etc so i do depend on the forum members when it comes to opinions , it just seems most reviewers arent willing to tell it how it really is just my opinion lol


well now you’ve just hurt my feelings princess…

I thought you loved me…:cry: (sniff)


huh what happened now, Oh lol " most " and since you are a part of the forum i wouldnt include yourself :wink: , hmmmm now you have me thinking lol


tut…I’m kidding…nothing happened lol…


I know a lot of Vapers who wanted this device since it’s one of Grimm’s favorite, and everyone who’s bought it really loves it. I already tested it on my account on 3FVape and it does go down to $65.99.

Here’s a solid deal on the Envii Loch Ness 150W TC Box Mod. 3fvape has it listed for $87.99…but the price drops down to only $65.99 when you add it to your cart. Both colorways are currently in stock: black and blue. And since your order will be over $15, you’ll qualify for FREE shipping too. I don’t know when this offer expires, so stop by and check it out before it’s too late.

Envii Loch Ness Feature/Specs

Link - Envii Loch Ness