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Good Deals 2017!


RTS vapes is going out of business.
30% off all manufacturers flavor concentrates & DIY Hardware beakers, bottles, syringes.
Code "Liquid30"
50% of FlavourArt concentrates.
Code "Liquid50"


glass bottles / pg / vg no coupon code needed



Aspire Pegasus 70W TC Box Mod
70W Aspire Pegasus 18650 VW/TC Box MOD, features changeable 18650 batteries, up to 70W output, Micro USB charging and pass-through. It can fire atomizers from 0.2ohm to 5ohm. Meet all your vaping needs.


Special Price $12.00



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4th of July Sales 2017
4th of July Sales 2017


End Of Financial Year Sale
Use coupon code " eofy " at checkout to get 20% off ALL concentrates and ejuice, ends MIDNIGHT tonight


Midnight au time (14hrs from now)


40% Off Battery Chargers until next Friday, No Code Required.
Shipping was $5.90 to Tx. Might be better deals coming with the 4th, but I needed one.


P.S. Thanks for the RTS Vapes deals!!


Holy crap! Those are good prices for chargers. Problem is I have a slew of them already. Great share though!


thank you for the heads up. Just grabbed a couple more Nitecores for back ups and the office. :+1:


Best price I’ve seen, will order a couple of Nitecores for spares.


No Problem, I had to take advantage of that 50% Deal on FlavourArts. That’s a Hell of a Deal 120ml. bottles of FA concentrates for $9 + Free Shipping on the $75 order.


Exactly what I went in for and when I needed it. Just got my first order today and had to go back for seconds. You guys rock!!


It appears that they’ve since rescinded this…
Only getting approx. 25-30% off, and the only option for shipping is UPS ground which is 14.03.

Was just throwing stuff in the cart for kicks, and came up with 19 10ml bottles, at 2.25 each which totals $42.75.

Half of that would be $21.375 (21.38)
Then adding shipping, should be: $35.41

But even after logging in (figured…ok. maybe there’s something that isnt being factored in until you’re logged in…) I’m still being presented with a total of $45.60

They showed the code applied, but only deducted 12.38:


Was about to call in some help to put an order together…but can’t justify it unless it’s actually half off. Ah well. Would have had to whittle it down anyways.


Hmm, Worked for me about two hours ago. Free Shipping on $75 orders :white_check_mark:


The only thing I can figure is if it’s only applying once you go above the $75 mark (net total)


I just spoke with another DIYr. She said the discount does not seem to work on “Soho” or “Joy”.
I do know this, I entered my code “Liquid50” prior to loading the cart with FA Concentrates & the checkout kept a running total for me. That’s how I was able to hit $75 Free Shipping.
Also I just went back in and ran another cartload. Everything calculated correctly 50% off.


interesting thought! May have to clear the cart, pick a random flavor Co…then add it, apply the coupon, then retry with FA.

Didn’t have either of the two you mentioned in the cart FWIW.

Appreciate you asking around though.


Don’t add anything but FA, the 50% off only applies to FA :white_check_mark:


Oh, I get that (and thanks for the reminder…)

But I’ve gone through and narrowed them down ONE by ONE… and it would seem the most popular ARE NOT receiving the discount (at least for me).

Here’s what I found that absolutely did not discount like the others did:

  • 10 ml Cinnamon Ceylon Flavor (FA)
  • 10 ml Citrus Mix Flavor (FA)
  • 10 ml Irish Cream Flavor (FA)
  • 10 ml Marzipan Flavor (FA)
  • 10 ml Meringue Flavor (FA)
  • 10 ml Nut Mix Flavor (FA)
  • 10 ml Tiramisu Flavor (FA)
  • 10 ml Vanilla Bourbon Flavor (FA)

but it WAS interesting to note that
10 ml Vanilla Tahity Flavor (FA)
DID discount. lol

All of the other ones discounted as expected (as I added them)

So it’s NOT that I was getting a 25-30% discount as I thought before, it’s that 8 of the flavors were getting no discount at all

Also worth noting, it says they have 4 Wotofo Troll v2 in stock… and when I tried to add either one, they give an OOS message. ><


50% off didn’t work on wholesale sizes, Joy, or Vanilla Bourbon. It did work on 120ml Butterscotch, Meringue, Vanilla Classic, and all other $5.55 priced flavors placed on 06/28

30% off did work on my first order on 06/21 for a 500ml and a couple of 120ml.

But like you said he may have changed some things. Also took 4 days or so for the first order to ship, but I asked really nicely about it :slight_smile:


How does fw horchata compare to tfa horchata smooth or flv horchata? I love flv horchata so was wondering if fw or cap horchata would be worth getting.