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Good Deals 2017!


$40.00 Liter of Nic. This is the Nic I use and I like it. I don’t get a pepper taste and it isn’t harsh.


I have no clue. I only have the TFA smooth. I’ve researched them before an both FW and CAP seem to have fans and haters. How is FLV?


I really like flv horchata. It has a good creamy flavor with a hint of cinnamon. Unfortunately I didn’t single flavor testing it but I have been using it at 0.8% in a rice pudding recipe.


The rice pudding is what I have been trying to nail and using the horchata in. The FE Sweet Rice is making a huge difference, but still not quite right :frowning:

EDIT: I should also say the I do like the TFA Horchata Smooth, so I think I’m going to stick with that one. Trying to not have the need for the same flavor from every brand, as long as I like the one I have. Sometimes I’m even successful :wink:


The sweet rice FE reminds me of buttery rice cereal almost like tfa crunches with butter. I’ve been much happier with hiliq for a rice pudding flavor. I’ll send you some if you’d like. I’ll send you some rice and horchata flv if you want to try them.


Wismec Inde Duo Atomizer Kit
Wismec presents its new member-the Wismec INde Duo RDA, which features the detachable structure and optional atomizer tube.
Availability: Availability: In Stock


Special Price $4.00



Odd. It was OOS when I looked only a couple of days ago. I was going to share that one and another when I noticed the OOS note. =/

Sure enough though. Showing IS here now too.


528 Custom Vapes Goon RDA- 24mm (Authentic) $23.50



Has anyone else who ordered from RTS Vapes gotten a tracking number (or even a shipping notification) yet?

Placed an order on 6-30, and still have yet to receive anything other than an order confirmation notice.


I also placed my RTS order on 6/30 and have yet to receive any additional shipping updates.
Coincidentally I placed an order 7/3 with Gremlin DIY and that parcel is sitting at my Post Office being readied for delivery today.
Makes you wonder!?!


Same as you, conformation number only. I imagine at 50% off FA that they may be a tad backed up.


I thought this was fascinating. I ordered pretty much the entire FA Artist Touch line in 120ml bottles. If you look closely RTS has a “instock” count for each product. I did notice that after placing my order on 6/30 that that number “instock” did not change as of 7/6? One would could surmise that the webpage is not updating the stock portion or that this “instock” is just a façade.


Nice! I had a few bucks laying around in my PayPal account and it covered the cost and shipping. Score!


I placed an order on the 28th as well, called them on Wednesday and they said they are very backed up put it should be shipping in the next few days.


Ordered 7/5, so I wasn’t even worried about it. But now that I’m hearing you guys have ordered from as far back as 6/30 it has me scratching my head. Hopefully they’re just really backed up, but who knows…


Ordered 6-28… nothing yet.


Come to think of it, I have a small Pay Pal balance too :smiley:


Spend it!!! :tada:


I do like the glass tank on that Dripper, and for $4 bucks.


So I just got off the phone with rts vapes, they told me early to mid week next week, there order volume has tripled since they started the sale so there are trying but just backed up.