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Good Deals 2017!


Thank you all for the updates.


I figure we are all in this together, you would do it as well!


So anyone else see this about RTS Vapes? They are giving they’re nic business to liquid Nicotine wholesalers because the FDA busted them for selling to a minor. Kind of sucks for them.


RTS not out of business? Teaming up with LNW...Now Nicotine Giant?

Well, that explains a lot.

I was hoping it was simply the law of “natural selection” in effect… Informed consumers voting with their wallets and weeding out vendors who grossly overprice their merchandise so they could have “huge discount sales”…since that was their modus operandi for so long. Honestly, I was shocked to see regular prices (as the base) when it came time for the fire sale… I mean, I’ve never seen their pricing on par with BCV before then.

Ah well, justice either way in my book.

I just hope LNW doesn’t take that aspect of tradition when it comes to “keeping the RTS name alive”…



While I know this isn’t the proper thread… that ad states “If your batteries are older than 3 months…” my batteries are older… MUCH older (can’t remember how older older) I have 2 sets of new batteries my wife bought me for Christmas still unopened in a cabinet because I told her then my batteries were getting pretty old… older.
What is your lifespan on batteries… just wondering.


I know you were not asking me, but I thought I’d share my experience.

Good question, and GREAT eye (catching their “3 months” bullshit!! Lol

Personally, I have bought 3 sets of Samsung 25r5’s from Illumn.com last year (late spring), and only having two sets in rotation, those two sets measure out to a charge of ~2200mah (on a full charge) on my Opus charger.

They’re sold as 2500mah new (which I confirmed) so I’d say on a good charger, and using a set of quality legit batteries, there’s a lot of life left in them. Losing only 300mah in over a year is pretty damned impressive to me!

EDIT: It’s also worth noting that I limit my charging to 500ma to try and preserve the life of the battery. Only twice I think, have I charged at 1amp,due to being on the road (having returned from a temporary trip) and I had used both sets’ charge up.


I find that most of my 18650 batteries are good for approximately 350-500 charging cycles. I can tell towards the end of their battery life that I am just not getting the serviceability from them. I keep older batteries in the devices I use at home. And newer batteries in my MODs that go with me outside of the house.


I’m at a loss as to figuring my batteries “mah” according to my order history the set I had just charged (the newest of my old batteries I am using (I have 4 sets of batteries in rotation) which we purchased May of last year), charged up to 4.2v but don’t see or know how to figure the “mah” of it/them (also Samsung 25r5’s).


You can use a digital multimeter to check volt, mah and amperage.


I really didn’t pay attention to that. I use Sony VTC5A and that’s a decent deal on them. Also I’ve got lots of items from 101 and they are fast.

As far as battery life goes I haven’t repalaced anything I’ve bought since 10/16. I have rewrapped them. I think you should get a lot longer life than 3 months from most of the name brand batteries.


Well, that’s one of the many reasons (side from build quality first and foremost, and being able to “resurrect” semi dead cells…) that I bought the Opus BTC-3100.

I wanted to be able to monitor the life of various brands/types over the long haul.

As for what was also suggested with a general purpose DMM, I can’t say that I’d recommend that to the average user. It’s great (and easy, and safe enough) for measuring “raw voltage”, but that’s where it stops IMO. (No disrespect intended to Fenrir) Also worth noting, most cheap meters can’t handle 10 amp+ discharges (not that you’d have to discharge so high, but if one wasn’t versed in designing a safe discharge circuit for such an application…)

To measure battery amperage (current), means you’d have to have it in series, in circuit, with a mod under firing conditions, so you’d almost have to jury rig a test jig of sorts. I can picture all kinds of bad outcomes with that… Never mind the math and calculations for the mah that would follow once the full discharge is complete.

It’s simpler and safer to just buy a charger that can do all that for you. :wink:


I’d say my batteries Sony 18650’s last me more than 6 months - well over a year before I notice any type of performance drop. It really depends how much you charge them / usage. You might find some useful information on Battery Mooch’s ECF Page on the type of batteries you purchase.


I have three sets of batteries that I charge daily. So 350-500 charging cycles would mean they should last me a year, which is about how long I’ve been using these. That’s like oil changing businesses that say change oil every 3 months or 3000 miles. At least they said ‘it’s probably time’. Even so, nothing wrong with a battery sale and stocking up.


You are :100: percent correct! I am a sucker for a Great Sale :dollar::bomb::fire:


Gret prices for a couple of good backup mods.




20% off EVERYTHING at ecig. Code: 20OFF


Just saw and grabbed one just thought I would share.


Ohh forgot it is down to $8.00


Why do you tempt me so?!
I just dropped them a Benjamin a week or so ago. Now here I go, spending even more. :dollar: