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Good Deals 2017!


LOL I know I am on Medical leave for 2 months and really shouldn’t have, but I am a sucker for a good deal



I’ve been pretty much stuck on the Samsung Q30s. I decided to branch out and try these LG HG2 18650 3000mAh 20A. They appear to be highly recommended… more than the Q30s. I ordered 6 for my Vt250 I have coming from Fasttech.


The LG HG2 is a good battery but the 30Q performs better. The voltage sag is lower and the battery life is longer.


What do you base your statement on? Personal opinion or did you have evidence from testing? I am interested to see the data.


Both. In my experience the 30Q’s lasted longer. The link below is the data from testing done by Mooch. He is a well respected battery tester.


Good info here. I also bought 6 30Qs a week ago. From Mooch’s test I’ll go with the 30Qs when my new mod arrives.


Great information, Thanks for the share. You are right Mooch is highly respected :+1:


Scored one :wink: … cheers mate!


The HG2 is not bad, just not as good as the 30Q. I have a few that I use in my sub 50 watt devices and they do the job well.


In my experience, they’re pretty comparable. Basically no real discernable difference in real world usage. Testing shows the 30Q ever-so-slightly beat out the HG2s. I vape at low wattages so battery sag is never really a big issue for me with either the HG2 or 30Q. But the HG2s are usually a little less expensive by a dollar or two, so 90% of the time I go with the HG2s unless there is a sale on 30Qs that make them about the same price or a little cheaper. On the flipside, the HG2s are more commonly counterfeited. If you go to a legit seller, you don’t really have to worry about the counterfeits.

Edit: 30Qs have apparently gone down in price or HG2s have gone up in price, so at both Illumn and IMR the prices for the two batteries are the same so HG2s no longer have that going for them. Absent a sale the 30Qs are now the better buy.


IStick $25. It is a good, very good mod. I’m on my second one. Yes bought another after my first one broke. I’m not going to buy one now though. Just saw it and posting for anyone who wants or needs a 2 battery mod. I like this one, and that price is great.



I just went to that link, the mod is now 19.99 so it dropped in price since your posting…


Are you positive this is a Dual 18650 mod? The picture only shows one battery and the description says only cell(s) . A google search revealed a different looking 100watt eleaf with dual cells…


The iStick TC100W features the ability to use a single or dual high amp 18650 battery configuration :+1:


Yup, absolutely sure. Gave one away last night to a friend that recently started vaping. Ok mod. Not much for temp control and try not to drop it. The battery “shelves” will bend. The little mechanical lock doesn’t last long either.


Amazon has OoO flavors (and sample packs) on sale, buy 2 get one free. Just look for this:

Discount is applied at checkout.


Flavouart.co.uk have a special offer on for 50/100/500ml concentrate’s at £5 £9 and £40 respectively, only about 20 flavour’s though.




If anyone else experiences problems with Ina flavors they get from VT… Please feel free to pm me, I’d like to compare notes. :wink: