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Good Deals 2017!


is this same company that we spoke about ??? im betting if so they are sitting on old inventory that isnt moving


In so much as a “possible source” for old stock MC… Yes (when we had that conversation). No idea if that’s changed or not since.

As far as other flavors, I’ve only confirmed that their Ina Lime is new stock (via phone, and only *after I noticed a problem on the day I got it), and has been revised to a suggested usage between 3 and 5%. Personally it would take at least 5% for a single flavor, and to me, that’s saying something.

I can see 3% would be good in a mix, but in almost every case up until now, 3% SF meant use in a mix at 0.75% to 1.5%. I’ve now experienced similar results from two other Ina flavors I ordered there (same order), and an working on testing the others. FWIW, I did not have this issue with the Creme Brulee that I got from them.

I have concerns that I still need to gather more data on, as well as confirm against other sources myself, before I go “expressing further thoughts/opinions”.

That’s why I’m putting “feelers” out (so to speak).


Meh… go ahead! :wink: I know of what you are speaking. I’ve experienced issues with rebottled flavors from a host of vendors. Some folks don’t have discerning tastebuds. I do and you do. Thus, I got to the point of not buying rebottled flavors because I wanted less chance of human error. I’ve always called out vendors, via email or phone call, over rebottled concentrates which just didn’t taste proper.

You have a 50/50, roll of the dice, chance of vendors getting it right with rebottled concentrates, imo. :smirk:





Not a “good” deal IMO, but a good looking mod


Well, it’s not that “I’m afraid to”, as folks well know, I’ve taken a hammer to RTS nuts before (in this thread) when it came to their inflated pricing so they can advertise “giant sales”…lol
Though I tried to point out their good points (quality of product, glass use, accuracy and shipping times -prior to the GOOB sale anyways).

In this case, I’d be all over them (VT) without hesitation if it weren’t for all the reformulating going on at Inawera recently/currently. I don’t know who’s at fault yet. Either way, once it comes to light, some company IS going to catch hell for screwing with the natural order of my universe. Lol
I’m just trying to make sure that I lay the blame at the right feet first, but given the timing and circumstances, it’s extra difficult in this case, at the moment. But I also think folks deserve a hint of what an experience could involve, by sharing my recent experiences with this vendor, while bearing in mind the current circumstances…

As much as I’d almost prefer it be VT since it would be far more devastating if it was Inawera that was the source of the problem. But I can’t discount that possibility yet. =(
I wish I could, but as I’ve told a couple others… I’ll be crushed if things shift at a core level within Inawera. Especially when given their value will drop dramatically if they try and retain their current price-point.

**obviously I’m not quite coherent today. Sorry for the “hard read”. Hopefully what I’m trying to say comes through.


Yes the IStick at this link is a 2-battery mod. With this one though (weird) you can use a single battery. Something about how the batteries are wired in. Wow… Now $19.99. You can’t beat that price.


I can give some insight on that one. That is a great price. It is two battery parallel. One or two batteries will work. It will get much better battery life with two. Never got the thing to do temperature control on Stainless Steel but in wattage mode it did it’s job. The mechanical fire bar lock only worked for about a month but you can turn it off with five bar presses. I dropped it once from about two feet off and end table onto carpet and one of the bottom battery flanges bent. Bent it back but one battery door never fit quite right again. Gave it to a friend. It is still chugging along. 22mm atties will fit without hangover. Anything larger, not so much.


Finally got a shipping label notification today!!!


YAY! Good for you! I’m sure you will see it soon, And if you don’t mind let me know if the package seems strange to you.


Placed my order on the 5th. When I filed a ticket they said I should have my shipping notification tomorrow, so we’ll see.


Apocalypse RDA price reduction by Armageddon Manufacturing http://armageddonmfg.com/product-category/apocalypse/ SS deck $39.99 Gold deck $49.99.
One of the very best RDAs there are.
Ariel, the owner was on Not Another Vape Show on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3sN78OXRks 2 nights ago and explained that there is a Chinese company that have stolen his identity, are manufacturing under his name and even showing at vape shows/expos as if they are his company. This is not just cloning a product, way worse than that. The video is interesting IMO.
So he has reduced the price to compete with the fake company.
I spoke to him yesterday to arrange international shipping as it’s not available on their checkout page, not only did he arrange it perfectly, he shipped my order instantly and spoke to me for around 20 minutes about how badly this Chinese company has affected him. He’s a great guy who deserves our support IMO.
In the Youtube video he also offered a 20% discount site-wide (not including the Apocalypse RDA after the price reduction). The discount code is: MFGMOD20.
Never a better time to get yourselves one of the best RDAs on the market!


Okay, I’m not much concerned by clones (bit of a free-information nut) but stealing an identity is way over the line.


So I just got these as I have no way right now to use the flavors I just got from RTS.

I thought it was a good price.


Real flavors is giving away free concentrates again, if anyone is interested. 3 new ones this time. 6 total. Disregard if it’s already been put out there, if not, you better hurry.


I got them in time. :slight_smile: is real flavors a good brand? I’ve not ordered them before.


From everything I understand yes, @Walt_RealFlavors is a great guy and he cares what is in his products!


So far everything I used by them has been great. There is a learning curve, since they are super concentrates, but when you find the sweet spot they are true to the flavor, at least too my abused pallette.


That’s awesome!! I was researching them and found out that they’re like less than an hour from my house?! Field trip!!! @Walt_RealFlavors Thank you for the samples, can’t wait to try them!