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Good Deals 2018!


Same here, they might be holding off on one til Easter :confused:


Daddy needs to replace some 16oz :astonished:


Alien Visions has re released Boba’s and Gorilla juice. (Feb 2018)

St Pats sale 10% off.


Gearbest started there flash sale yesterday, always worth a look, some unreal bargains in there.



Samsung 30Q $4.99

Yes, Please.

Good Battery. Good Price. Good Supplier.


And from a vendor with a history of selling legit (non fake) batteries using safe shipping practices (packed padded in plastic containers that prevents damage, as well as risk of a negative incident occurring)!! :wink:


Direct from Inawera.com 17% off all flavours Today 2nd April only, use code BUNNY


@Josephine_van_Rijn @Kinnikinnick @Skullblade789 @MysticRose

Calling all tobacco heads!!

When I dropped into the site to have a peek around, the first thing I saw (middle of the page, after I clicked the “blah blah blah I’m legal” box) was a 60% off certain flavors banner!!

It turned out to be mostly tobaccos!!

Happy hunting “you guys”!
(Tobacco nuts) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Inawera “Pipe” series have some very good tasting tobaccos in that range and a personal favourite of mine is their Royal Yacht Club flavour



15%off for the hardware in this page
10%off for the ejuice in this page

Also, Health Cabin has cut their hardware prices across the board 10%, except the Aspire products.


I’ve seen a lot of recommendations (and happy comments associated) with this one, and while I’m not sure about the average price… They list it as normally being $119, and the current sale price is $59

Either way, it’s a respected chipset! So you’re hardly likely to go wrong.


That’s a great price. I want


I was looking to buy this mod soon, but i found a few complaints about the battery door being not a fit tight. I also found a few online vendors selling refined battery door for this mod.

I dont know if this is true though, or how bad it is.


I recently bought the Vboy 222w and it keeps turning itself off after speaking to GTRS they’ve decided to send me the P222 and an RTA as an apology so personally I wouldn’t bother.


The battery door issues and the 510 issues were all in the prerelease versions that were sent to reviewers. Gtrs fixed all the issues prior to full release if you buy it and it doesn’t have version 2.0 printed on the battery connector on the door - i would send it back and say you ‘accidently’ gave me the prerelease version.


Thanks for the tip on the samsungs, that halves the cost of new batteries for me. :grin:


Thank you for clearing that up :+1:


Cloudy Peak Vapes has new merchandise in, and they run frequent really good sales. Picked up their Deathtrap 24mm rda there, really excellent flavor rda. Great vendor!


Looked over a lot of their stuff, and honestly I want impressed overall with their pricing.
They do seem to have an eclectic mix. Some of the very popular items are seen, and then some of the “obvious choices” are missing. A nice smattering of ‘oddball’ no names to spice up the browsing though…

Regardless, in the midst of it all, I did find a winner for folks wanting a DNA device without breaking the bank! :smiley: :thumbsup:

While it’s a no name brand (to me), the bottom line is the same. You can own an older generation of DNA device for less than the parts used to cost to make your own!!

$49.99 for a DNA 200 is a steal any way you look at it! And as long as it’s authentic, the brand doesn’t matter, as Evolv will stand behind it!

Run fast! These won’t last!


pretty good deal on vtc 5 Code VAPECHEAP
ships from USA