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Good Deals 2018!


I really like mine. If I had 40 bones, i would get another if I could.


Volcano had the for something like $32 a few weeks ago without the Tank I bought one and it had a defective screen, They replaced it very fast and it is now one of the mods I use the most, as a plus I did not wait for china shipping, it is a very small mod that does have pretty good TC and is the current favorites next to my DNA mods.I give it a good rating out of the many I own , the one they sent me has had no problems since, only thing it is a different board than most and can be a little confusing at first, I can say I recommend it over smok or wismecs that I have.also it seems to have a good battery %I think I get 3.3 or 3.4 on the batteries before they start with the low battery. all in all this is a good one imo.


Very good deal on GTRS VBOY 200W with Yihi chip
If u sign up you get %10 off for first buy + a free 100ml ejuice
Total will be $53 + shipping


I have the Blue one and it is very nice, there is a slight panel movement, but the buttons are solid only slight play on the battery door, a bit of a fingerprint magnet if I were a reviewer I would give it about a 8 out of 11, A 7 being good enough, 7.5 better than average, 8 =great 9= Must have, 10 = DNA 250c must have and 11 has not been made yet but fits every thing you want with sqounking avaliable into a small form fitting factor with a great chip that is built to last with a flair to make it different than what has been offered.




That’s a great price, but there’s a $9.99 shipping charge on top of it.


oops. I didn’t check that. I always hate when they do that.


I’m in. That’s a great price. Thanks for this @MysticRose




Vapers Tek 25% off Store Wide

(Wholesale is Excluded from Offer)

Coupon Code: StPatrick25

Sale Expires Monday, March 19th, 2018 at Midnight CST

  • Code must be applied to cart prior to checkout.
  • Vapers Tek is unable to apply the code after checkout.
  • Orders must be placed prior to expiration date and time.
  • There is a $20.00 minimum purchase required.
  • In-stock items only; no rain checks.


never heard of vapers tek, is there a link?


http://www.vaperstek.org They have great nic


The forum’s robot (?) just told me…

“It looks like your link to www.vaperstek.org was already posted in the topic by @kanamit in a reply on Feb 14, '18 – are you sure you want to post it again?”

Yes…I guess there just must be a link. :laughing:


$66.00 after code STPatrick. Not a bad price if you’re a Wismec fan. Don’t know about shipping. I’ve used this vendor in the past and had no issues other than the usual slow-boat delivery time.


Yeah, I seen that come up after I copied and pasted (directly from vapers tek into my reply)
IDK. I still can’t wrap my head around it. Forums might be to complicated for me LOL


https://www.diy-ejuice.com/ for my Canadian Friends, they are having a 20% off St. Patrick’s Day sale till the 18th and a weekend special on One Drop Flavors .99 cents for 30 ml. Can’t go wrong with 16 flavors for about 16 bucks. Can be combined with St. Patrick’s Day sale for now.


Is there a discount code? For diy-ejuice.com


right now its irish for 20% or you can use Discount: 5%, discount code: ELRecipes. could not tell you if they stack.


Any bull city coupons for the greenest of all holidays today? Maybe @BullCityFlavors can help us with that?


I haven’t received an email, and I was hoping I would