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Good Deals 2018!


That’s a good deal but damn that thing is ugly, lol.


I thought the same thing. You could always make it a re-casing project. Not a bad price at all for a DNA200.


is goofy that why i like it…




and then this just pops up in vendor post https://www.elegomall.com/product/serisvape-bomb-ufo-v1.5-rdta-tank-atomizer.html , @CosmicTruth any thoughts :rofl:


Reminds me of my hohmwrecker G2. Not sure why. I do want a DNA mod but I don’t need another ugly box and I wouldn’t be able to build my own or get the board connected etc. So I pass but the price is nearly impossible to ignore.


OHHH! :man_facepalming: its 3 batt, its all coming together now, ill get there


It also reminded me of my G2. Not a very pretty box but worked great till it took a 15 foot fall.


Yup. Reminded me of the G2 as well. I think it’s because it’s narrow. Probably topples over quite easily.


$30.00 not cheap, but it looks like it might fly. :slight_smile:


-35% on cloudhousevapor now through 15 April here
code: wcfields

All flavor concentrates are 35% off through Sunday! Use coupon code “wcfields” in the cart. Get an extra discount on all Flavormonks flavors, now €2.95, and still eligible for the discount.

All Coval flavors prices are now permanently reduced, with 60ml bottles now at €11.99 and 240ml bottles at €44.99!


Thx @Laberythm. It looks like an amazing offer. Too bad i’ll be late this time; can’t make another purchase this month. Do you maybe know how often do they run these promotions? Also, do they re-bottle or do they sell original bottles? I’ve been ordering in UK and Poland only so far, but it seems they could be quite interesting. Thx for your help.


The last promotion was at 31 Jan. only with shake’n’vape products. Before that I wasn’t on them ‘‘newslist’’

As far as I know they rebottle TPA and FA for the rest I don’t know.


Thx mate. I’m just looking for Flavormonks reviews. Maybe i’ll push that button anyway.


Vapers Tec
35% Off All Inawera, German, Molin Berry, and Super Concentrated Flavoring!
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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1

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District F5VE has the Defiant Designs DS and TS on sale today.

$100 for the DS normally $125 and the TS for $108 normally $135.


OH MAN… I want one soooo baaad. SO BAD.

BTW How do you like yours?


It is rarely out of my hand. I love it.


Smok T-Priv 220W is $19.99, looks like most colors are in stock right now, not sure though.