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Good Deals 2018!


thats a good price , i havent bought smok since my alien when they first came out , but for 20$ this would be a great mod to have put up for someone who needs one or for a rainy day


Thanks, and damn their prices are high - even after 35% off. Is there something very specialized people usually buy here?


All of their concentrates come in glass, 15ml bottles. I wouldn’t say they are specialized. They do have some good flavors though. here are some tasting notes from our very own @JoJo

NicVape E-Flavors Tasting Notes


Ofc i couldn’t resist… :grinning: 25 more flavors arriving soon.

Some great prices until the end of the week:
Flavormonks 2.06€
OOO 1.05€
TFA and FW 1.26€
FLV 2.79€


We don’t see prices like this in EU very often!!


Great deal. Good find. Any coupon codes for additional off?


Save 20% on your entire order when you use the coupon code “taxbreak18”. This offer is now valid until midnight 4/15/18 EST.



Might be a little sumpin’ in the bargain bins for ya…


Almost pulled the trigger on this last night. It will have to wait for me but it is a great deal. You get an RDA and a mod.

It is like a mechanical but with some protections. All the ones that count if you are scared of fully mechanical mods. I am really loving parallel mods and this hits all the check marks.

A review Pugsley's simplistic yet logical review of the CoilART DPRO 133 Premium Kit


I’m due for some Nic, here shortly, been Useing Carolina Xtracts, is Wizard Labs any good ???


They have a long notable history for being peppery, and substantial throat hit.

Stay with NicSelect (NicotineRiver is usually the most reasonable) and you won’t go wrong. :wink:


Thanks @Sprkslfly, that is big help !!


@Dan_the_Man What witchcraft is this ^^^^^ ???


Thanks for the heads up with this. I just grabbed one. Nice parallel kit to beat around with.


Does anyone know where I can get the best deal on a DNA 250c mod?
Perhaps a Paranormal or think vape device?


Checkout Vapecrawler.com


Got mine here. They sent it out USPS priority 2nd day. Great price for the product you get.


3f Vape. Log in and you will see it for $118.89.

Slo tech is about the same when you plug in the code “map”.

Think vape version maybe cheaper.


I haven’t been subscribed to the 2018 Good Deals thread for almost 5 months. Think of all the money I saved.