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Good Deals 2018!


Found this on Ebay. Smok PRIV V8 for $20.00


Medicine Flower
Dads and Grads!

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[REQ] Meteor milk by Space Jam

Sad to hear but apparently Nathan closes the shop, he had a coupon “50off” till the 1st of June, I got to know it’s extended till he closes.

For all of us from Europe it’s a good chance to get some discounted flavours and give him a hand.


Still is sad to hear.


Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank $4.99


Thanks for the share! I use these on my Legend for yard work. No glass!!!


I’ve been seeing a lot of these deals on eBay where the price is really low, like $11, but when you select the color option, the price quadruples. I expected this one to do that too, but it didn’t.


Yes, i noticed that too. I did ordered one. They seem to have positive feedback so hopefully i get it.


It would seem the price has gone to $8.99 now…


You must be logged in
then its 4.99 for the stainless version


@HealthCabin has a 20% discount from June 14 - June 29 and a competition for all you WorldCup lovers :grin:

Check out the details here, there’s a lot to win!


Just tried it while logged in. Showing up as 8.99 in the cart.


For me -logged into my 3avape account -
its still 4.99, 20 pieces left.


Yes but you have to have a wholesale account to get the 4.99 otherwise it is 8.99



This weekend! 15-17th
Bull city Flavors
Code : FLV20



Thank you for sharing this!

I hate platform specific deals with a vengeance. (I get the idea behind it…by old standards anyways… But seriously??? In this day and age? There’s no ‘separating’ the Internet. :laughing: )

Long winded way to say “I appreciate people like yourself who take a couple moments to share things like this from Facepalm, Instapic, etc!” :wink:


Hey @Laura5 , your battery needs charging :grinning: thanks for info !!!


It’s the only link he gave me
I don’t even know how to do Instagram or have an account. But thank-you! :fireworks:


Right! I was doing to much video surfing!


Just saw this:

And bought this:

freaking awesome deal plus they have other stuff on sale too!


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