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Good Deals 2018!


That is a fun tank for massive single coil builds. I have two :smile:


Email Flyer Sent Today, Friday June 22nd.

Website Link: Bulk Apothecary


Joyetech Cuboid Mini

Availability: IN STOCK

Dispatch: Ships within 48 working hours
List Price:$35.00
Special Price: $16.90
Color: Black White Silver Gold Gray
It is the 2400mah built-in battery, up to 80W, MOD only no tank, but still a great price.


You can order the kits through here for $1.00 shipped too and unlike ordering from the Blu site, you can order multiple kits. I ordered 5 more plus there’s an 11% discount code as well - nobamboozles11

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Volcano Lavabox M DNA 75 Box Mod $39.99 & Free Shipping


Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA- 4.6ml

Special Price $8.50, 7.00 with wholesale account


I ordered some flavors today from ChefsFlavors and stumbled across what I thought was a great deal, 50 x 100ml Soft Bottles with Twist Spout for £12.50, so i couldn’t resist adding them to my order.


That is a good deal.

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Just for reference, they’re HDPE bottles with twist-off caps and actually £15. :wink:


Weird, it was £12.50 when I ordered and that’s what I paid.


Shared this on another forum and got told you can get exactly the same bottles in singles from Lucemill :slight_smile:


If not the same, damn close to my eye - 43p each, including the nozzle cap.


Obviously, they are not the only people on the planet who sell bottles! But I thought, and still think that it’s a good deal, as you’ve proved by showing the price elsewhere.


$39.90 pre-order price for this 31mm monster.


It’s a great deal! There’s some goodies on https://www.ibottles.co.uk too :smiley:


Definitely a good deal!
Mine arrived yesterday… :smiley:


Arte Italiano Flavour is just bulk FA rebottled… pretty good deals, even their shipping policy is amazing. Besides this, they lowered prices on a wide range of flavours, check it out before paying too much.
I think they’re quietly starting a trade war with Chefs :smiley:

Arte Italiano?


That could only be a good thing.