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Good Deals 2018!



But one get one free. Expires Sunday 8/5. No code stacking.


Last time (just a couple weeks ago via Amazon Prime) I purchased Cotton Bacon V2 it was 6.95. Just picked up 2 bags of the Cotton Bacon Prime I’ve been thinking about trying for the same price due to your link @Lostmarbles (that and 2 rolls of 25’ fused clapton wire)… thanks for the link.


I was just going to post this too.


My pleasure, glad you could use it. I like the V2. I bought 4 bags of it on EBay for $14.00 during a 1-day sale a few weeks ago. If it happens again I’ll post it here as well.


Please let me know what you think of the Prime , i still use the CBV2 but am hoping to hear someones thoughts here on the forum , i remember someone posted something awhile back …


I’ve been using Prime for about a month now and I can’t tell any difference between Prime and V2.


I’m normally one of those losers that use wicks til they are black (when I used to use commercial coils I used them till they gave up the ghost completely), but just for you… I’ll change out my wicks and let ya know after it gets to me :grin:
@Lostmarbles … same here, I’m a fan of the V2 also.


Eleaf iStick Pico with battery for $25



Gone already


Pioneer4You IPV D3S 80W TC Box Mod for $9.99


still use mine when I’m out and about on day trips. Good lil mod with decent battery life for a single cell.


Cheap & extra mod interests me but reading about…does this not have a usb charging port but comes w/ usb charger? confused and pure curiosity does the tcr work or not


The D3S (according to the specs) is only good with nickel and titanium. It’s a YiHi chip though IIRC, so there should not be any issue if you use those two metals. :wink:


No biggie was looking at FT reviews so little merit but has tcr to fudge #s to work w/ s.s?


Your TC is Ti and Nickel. There is no SS TC but I’ve used SS coils in power mode and it works just fine. I usually pair it up with the aromamizer with SS coils and it’s a great vape. There is no USB port but it does have a charger with a round connector. You can see it here:
I’ve never used it as I prefer external charging, but it’s there if you need it.
Out of all my single cell mods, this one is my favorite. The TI TC works perfectly IMO. For 10.00, it’s a steal unless you are married to SS TC.


@fidalgo_vapes Just received the Cotton Bacon Prime yesterday and changed out one of my Goon tanks with it. Basic first impressions are: the pack I opened has about the same feel of V2, it’s slightly more like a rayon feel to it, it’s pure white as V2 and rayon is and has that same slight stretchy texture feel that rayon has to it, Initial priming of the wick with juice seemed to absorb faster than V2 but that just may be false perception, as I have no issues with the absorption with V2, it just seemed that the initial drops placed upon the wicking material soaked in faster than initial drops on V2, which tends to sit on fresh wicking material for a second prior to soaking in. As for taste, there is still the slightly dry mouth feel that V2 has initially and just a slight off taste, much less than I would get using cotton
So, after writing the above I rewicked another Goon with V2. Initial absorption of the juice was just as fast as the Prime. Albeit the taste (dry mouth taste), is slightly stronger in the V2. I left what I had written initially when using the Prime just to show what someone (such as me) attempts to make perceptions of things mistakenly. All in all my off the cuff feeling is that there is little difference between the two products. If absorption qualities (when using a RDA) are different, it’s probably so slight that a person most likely couldn’t measure it. After vaping the two tanks dry and refilling the RDA decks, the Prime appears to reabsorb juice quicker… I’m sure a test could be setup to check that. For me the difference isn’t something I would go out of my way to say one is sooooo much better than the other to actually switch from a product I was currently using (if I liked that product), I know the slight taste difference will go away with the V2. Yes I’m happy with the Prime and will probably switch over to it after I run out of V2, but I don’t intend to stop using the V2 (when my step daughter asks me to rewick or asks for cotton I give her my Kho Gen do cotton of which I have a good amount of).


99 cents! get 'em while they got 'em.
Black only.


They also have the COV Royal Hunter for $.99 or all 7 colors for $4.99. I ordered 10 of the Limitless and the set of 7 Royal Hunters.


The COV RH has been on sale for a while now. I was tempted, but it wasn’t really my bag. I did however buy 5 more limitless to add to the four that I bought at the previous sale. So you have me beat by 1 LOL. The sales these guys have had in the past month or so have been crazy. I’m almost tempted to go to their b&m store and see what all they have on the shelves.


How does the Limitless Gold perform? Never used an RDTA before but for $1 it’s not bad. Just don’t want to get something I won’t be using though even if it’s a dollar.