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Good Deals 2018!


Thanks Laura5. Maybe I’ll give it a shot some day, but I have come to realize, that I would rather pay a little more, and get what I want, from the states. Unless of course, I don’t care how long it takes to here.


That is a good way of looking at it. I have had good luck compared to other vendors such as fast-tech . Getting ready to order one of these.


I like! Damn near pulled the trigger myself for that Mech pro box. price is awesome.

How much is shipping?

Have you ever heard of https://www.vaporbeast.com/ their clearance section has got some pretty nice stuff in it, great prices and fast shipping.

When I have a chance I’ll check the clearance at health cabin. looks like they may have some good sfuff.

I am all about cleance!!!


I’ve ordered from vaporbeast 2 or 3 times, all good experience’s.


15% off this week and this @ 15 bucks


That is a great RDA and for that price its a steal.


UK peoples (maybe EU/Aus - not sure what shipping is like)

For a 10% DISCOUNT use code:
ADDITIVES10 at check out.
Offer valid until 16th Feb. 2018


If any one wants to venture into dripping with and RDA…I got an e mail from this place…first thing I did was look into the sales and clearence area…they have some great deals in RDA’s…like the freak show for 8.95 and a few other good ones…worth looking at if u may want to try dripping or even want a tank https://www.ecblendflavors.com/deals-rebuildables-advanced-users/ hope you find some thing you like there…


Thks bud, FS top caps are hard to find and never seen one like that but gotta stress the word advanced on a few of that stuff


Lots of places sending out discont emails for Valentine’sDay :slight_smile:






20% Off All Liquid Sitewide!

Coupon Code: Valentine20
Sale expires Friday, Feb. 16th, 2018 at Midnight CST.

Wholesale is Excluded from Offer

  • Code must be applied to cart prior to checkout.
  • VT is unable to apply the code after checkout.
  • Orders must be placed prior to expiration date and time.
  • There is a $20.00 minimum purchase required.
  • In-stock items only; no rain checks.



Everybody already knows fasttech cheap prices (but slow shipping)((but free!)) they have 10% off till the 20th as well.
My as well order some replacement coils for your sub ohm tanks (make sure Authentic is in the title) and forget you ordered them for a vape mail surprise!


My as well give Gearbest a shoutout too… (free but slow shipping)


Just remember that Chinese New Year is happening and you may not get your order until the end of March or mid April. Worst time of the year to order from China.


$10 200 watt box mod that takes 3 batteries. Not bad. Not sure what the reviews are like.


Tempting, but no TCR is a deal breaker. Too many variances with TC modes to not have TCR settings. Of course if your not into TC, then get 2!


I bought two, one of each color, was gonna get a few more but the Hcigar vt inbox caught my attention also. but for $9.00 how can you go wrong, also a great deal were the COV Royal hunter, and Royal hunter minis for 2.99, There was a code for 10% off too, VIPHDWR10 would get you 10% off some good deals there. The last time I ordered from them though they were very understaffed and it took a long time to even get it shipped, I had to call and pester them to get it moving,and with a sale like this with it plastard on all the cheap vaping sites I am sure they will if they are not out of stock already, take a very long time to get the orders out. for that price though I can wait . Luckily, I seen this the night before they all posted about the sale. I am kinda in a hurry to try out the inbox on my rare order of my Boba’s Bounty that I should be getting in a day or two. I will be totally stalking the mailman these next few days.


Illumn is having a sale right now… I normally only use Samsung 18650’s but decided to pick these Sony 3000 mah batteries up (for 5.25 each ) the Samsung 25r were listed as being on backorder and I thought the extra 500 mah these Sony batteries have couldn’t hurt either.