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Good Deals 2018!


I think you will like those over the 25R , They were my go to on regulated mods until I moved into mech’s . Thanks for the heads up ,Was hoping they had the VCT5A on sale ,and they do but I should have hoped they were in stock as well.




Scanvape.com coupon: VAPESAVE20 mostly for Scandinavians tho. The site is Norwegian.


I’m ordering stuff from Bull City Flavors. Are there any deals?


From the Resource page:
". Discount: 6%, discount code: ELRECIPES"
I have not seen any to date. Might wait until 2/19 for Presidents day specials if you are on the mailing list, if not, might sign up.


If your looking for some great deals on hardware…there are some here…i am going to get another SXmini G CLASS to add to my collection…great price…also some good prices on tanks an RDA’s… https://ecig-city.com/collections/2018-clearance?page=1




They have some great deals, I ordered a lot from ecig city, but don’t be in a hurry for it, I ordered one of a few, on 2/14 and it got a tracking number yesterday but still has not shipped. I also ordered on 2/17 and it was a few hundred higher order # and it still unfulfilled, so expect a two week wait for it to show up, they have a hard time keeping up with shipping, and this is not the first time, they really need to get more help getting their orders out faster, The last time I ordered I had to call them up, and it was not a very polite reply, except more like deal with it we are short staffed. I don’t think that was even a big sale, now I get that there was presidents day and all so I will give them that. I guess he was right, they really need more help in their shipping.


It’s even worse after the new year. They lose like half of their employees


50% off diacetyl laden FA Custard Premium and Whipped Cream

AND BUTTER AND OTHERS. Get grabbing @VapeyMama :tada:

ETA - thanks to @kanamit for the find! :tada:

FlavourArt FA NA screws the pooch. (assembling a list of discontinued flavors in USA)

Wonder how their shipping rates are to the U.S.


@TheTinMan if I remember correctly, it’s not bad. I have ordered from them in the past, but it has been a while. I am sure if it was expensive, I am a notorious cheap skate, and would not have ordered from them, otherwise.


wish I could find the receipt


A little on the steep side if you go with DHL, but if you choose the untracked simple shipping option its very reasonable.


is it only available in 10ml options ?


Yeah, looks like it.


I think my shipping came out to a little less than $30.00 on a $100.00 order.A little pricey but ,they are the only game in town with certain flavors.
Edit: just checked my receipt, 21 euro’s shipping for 29 10ml bottles.


I have a hook up for lots of coupon codes for australian and new zealand (can get nic there up to 25% off) vendors pm me for more details (include vendor in pm) 🖒

Edit note: just did some digging for you usa citizens current exchange rate is about .75c to the aus $1 with one of the discount codes you can get a drop rda for $25.30 ($US)


any body wish they had one of these? $2.99 https://glassbottleoutlet.com/collections/specials/products/multi-insert-tool


Ooh yes I do wish I had one of those! That would definitely help keep my fingernails intact…lol
Have you ordered from gbo before? I might have to check them out.


No I haven’t ordered from them yet, but I am hoping I will today. I want one of those tools. they have a deal, you can buy 5 for $10 which I think is cool.