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Good Deals 2018!


if they would work on the chubby gorilla 60ml 120ml bottles that would be grrrrrrreat


Yeessss, I was thinking that too. Not sure if it’s wide enough or not… but that would be great!




Not saying anything bad… but… I always get leery of places that show prices so high for an item as if “Our normal price for these batteries are 12.99 each…” “Our sale price is 4.99” as if your getting a 8 dollar savings (while other vendors normal price is their “sale” price).


Yeah, I hear ya. I never cared for the over-inflated “before” price because we all know it’s BS, but…35.00 for 10 of them ain’t too bad.


Totally agree, I just purchased 10 new Sony 18650’s (3000mah) and didn’t get a discount for a single one (w/exception of them being on sale). 10 for 35.00 is a very god price.


I also get leery purchasing batteries from “strange” places.


I prefer sony’s myself but did buy a set of 25r’s since they were on special. I had a mooch thread bm’d as well but heres a pic anyhow. The fraud indicator in the 2nd set of pics is a lil “crease” lines from the inside out under the pos. post cap.


Did you say you had pics? or perhaps a link?


Thanks bro.

forgive my lazy a$$


Some decent price listings here:



Geekvape sale at 3FVape. Free shipping over $15.

Concentrate sale

Just saw this so thought i would post


thank you for the post , Fyi there is a thread for deals just for future reference :slight_smile:

Good Deals 2018!


Thanks buddy - merged


I just ordered 2 of these for less than half the price of the US sellers! Pay with Paypal for added security.

Why do you like/dislike this mod?

women’s day 20%off
code: womens20
date: Mar.8-Mar.30
Womens Day Sale : Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale Distributor,Vape,e-Cig,eLiquid,Flavor - HealthCabin
for the selected products listed in this page

Keep an eye on there clearance section, the coupon doesn’t work there though: https://www.healthcabin.net/clearance/


I missed the clearance deal for this when healthcabin blew it out for a little less, had to jump on this one though. Thanks for posting.


Advanced Vape Supply is having a sale! Ends Sunday at Midnight. Great place for wire, I pretty much exclusively use AVS for wire, as a couple of Spools can last me the year. You don’t have to get the big, exotic coils either, I use Triple Core Twisted, 32×3/40 and still get the flavor I want. Here is the email if anyone is interested:

We’re a little ways into the new year now, through the launch of our first RDA, and are as always busy on the next thing. Everyone’s about to spring forward an hour so we hoped, by having a sale this weekend, Everyone’s Monday might go a little bit smoother despite the loss of an hour of sleep!

From now until Sunday at midnight we’ll have 30% OFF sitewide, just use coupon code “SPRING30” at checkout!

Advanced Vape Supply


Here is another whammy of a deal, apparently Geek Vape is running a 25% off sale on their site! Just go into the store section of the site and use the code below. My advice is to compare the sale prices directly from Geekvape using the code to the price of your usual retailers, just to see if you are saving a buck or two.

Using the coupon code below you can save 25% on anything from Geek Vape’s site including the Drop, Blitzen, mods and accessories. Don’t miss out, treat yourself!

Coupon valid one time per customer.
Coupon code: gv25