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Good Deals 2018!


Thanx @Silhouette… Links would be very helpful also. :no_mouth:


Whoops, there we go. Been a longish kind of day.


Opps, Been there, done that, keeps 'em hanging


@Cutlass92 has suggested purchasing Eleaf iStick TC 200W from 3fvape for $14.99. That was a good deal, unfortunately, they are now sold out.
However, Vapesourcing has a good deal on the same Eleaf iStick TC 200W
When you sign up, you get 500 reward points which equal $5 discount. At check out, redeem those 500 points + use coupon “restart” to get 12% discount. That should leave you at $15.75 including shipping.

EDIT: I tried checking out using my smart phone, but did not work. It worked from my laptop. I think you have to use a computer for check out.


When you get it install arctic fox on it. It’s a good mod out of the box but a great one with arctic fox!


do all that neat stuff, sign up for newsletter etc and holidays they send ya points too but u can only redeem so many points at one time


These deals don’t last too long, so get 'em while they’re hot…


Thank you for this! Just ordered 2


glad you could make use of it :grinning:


I ordered one too!

While I don’t now have any 20700 batteries, I hope these are the 2016 models. (Not the 2014’s)
For the fine $16 price, I can live with either. :smile:


$10.00 off any $35.00 or more purchase at vapordna with code VTRz7Zws5k


25% off at www.justvape247.com
Use code COUPON25
25% SALE

We are currently running a 25% sale on everything excluding Capella & Flavour Packs.

Grab your flavours, nicotine shots, PG & VG plus so much more

Please use code COUPON25
This code will end on the 19th at midnight (GMT)


Like to add what @mjag already posted …


Just found this mail from Medicine Flower in my inbox:

“We are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in style with 17% off of EVERYTHING!
Use code “gogreen”
Going on now until March 19th”

the same mail has the code as GOGREEN, elsewhere so I guess you can type it either way.

EDIT: here’s a link to their flavour page:

Can’t see any mention of the discount on their website, so it’s perhaps specifically aimed at subscribers; which is not to say it won’t work for anybody else :wink:


Thank you for passing this along.


$3 dollars off $22 what a deal. sorry but I don’t think they are THAT good


Only $12.64 with free shipping for all 16 flavors in 30mls if anyone is interested in trying the PG versions.


Thank you for the heads up!


Keeps telling me
Coupon code “VTRz7Zws5k” is not valid.


Sorry man, I haven’t used it because I don’t need anything at the moment. What I posted is what was emailed to me by vapordna. Wish I had better news for you.