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Good deals?


Go ahead :slight_smile:


Crazy wire uk 15% off this weekend



Black Friday Sale…going on now.



Well, I’m screwed for the moment. ><
For some reason, I can’t shop there. I’m getting some BS error about my card info not matching.

If someone has shopped here (and safely I might add) previously, and has an account with them, I’d happily paypal the amount of purchase to you to complete an order (and have it shipped to me)…I know what I want isn’t going to last long ><

Never had this error anywhere else, and that makes me a bit nervous about the situation never having dealt with them before. On top of which, the error doesn’t STAY on the screen, the notification disappears after about a second, and then reverts to it being blank area.

Tried the process twice, and same result both times, had to do a “Prt Scr” (right of F12) to catch the notification msg.


have you figured it out ??? pm me if you need help


No dice yet, and no live cust. svc.

EDIT: PM’d Fidalgo, and he doesn’t have an account there, but if anyone has any info on this place, or could lend a hand tonight (say within an hour of this edit: 1am CST), I’ll leave this up and running in the background so I get the reply notification!
Thanks again!


Ok. Now that I’m past the BS of their website, and thoroughly pissed off…:rage:

This is all @Ozo’s fault! lol
I wish I’d looked sooner at that page (given the deal I ran across), but given the amount of frustration incurred, I’m glad I waited until my day was done, so I didn’t take it out on anyone. xP

I finally found another work around (thanks Mom!), but I’m almost still expecting an issue. They took my mom’s CC info with no problem in the processing portion that was giving my card issues. Even got a confirmation number! Huzzah.

But then I find this in the comments section of the completed order:

EDIT: note: everything after “this time…” was added automatically by THEIR CC system. It was NOT in my original comment as submitted.

If anything else on THIS order goes wrong…I don’t care HOW good the deal is, I won’t be back. :angry:

If any other “Punks feel lucky…” here’s the link for the deal…and while I’m almost leary to post it, maybe others will be problem free.
crossing my fingers for ya’ll

$10.99 for a Theorem with reasonable shipping:


I’ve had that address mismatch error at 2 different vendor sites, this wasn’t one. Tried my bank card, hubbies bank card, and 2 different credit cards. All with the same error. Called bank, they said it was showing as coming through and the error was with the companies CC processor. Verified my address was correct with bank. Contacted both companies at the time, and they just blew it off. I explained everything to them and all I got was, it’s show address doesn’t match, are you sure you entered it correctly? I gave up on both in severe frustration and never went back. Sounds like exactly the same thing, and I still don’t know why and I’m sure I’ll run into it at some point again. I think it’s the checkout system they use, as both looked the same format and everything during checkout.


It HAS to be a CC vendor issue. As I mentioned, I’ve never had an issue like this anywhere else, and I’ve ordered online quite recently (but from known trusted vendors that I’ve dealt with previously).

They have to be using some cut-rate low-tier out of date vendor to save a few coins, that has bad info in their database. That’s simply all it could be (that’s a legit reason). I don’t even want to think about the other reason.

My address hasn’t changed in well over a decade, nor has my banking. I’m hoping that that remains to be the case…but rest assured I’ll be keeping a hawk’s eye on my bank account for the next few days after dealing with these guy’s system… :angry:

Sorry to say, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll shop there again after this experience.


Had the same problem with CSVape and my bank said it was something on their end. Tried it the next day and it went through fine. It was very frustrating. A few days later I noticed four withdrawals on my debit card for a total of $250.00. I don’t know if this was a coincidence or not, but now I’m wary of any “glitches” that come up during a transaction. Since then I’ve been using a prepaid debit card through simple.com or pay-pal so there’s less chance of getting cleaned out.


Today 11/21 only. 15% off RDA and tanks. Code: TANKED15


Flash sale:
Opus BT-C3100 v2.2 on GearBest for $30.99 with free shipping from USA-LA warehouse. Approximately $5 cheaper than the cheapest I’ve seen on Amazon, and for those without Prime, no minimum to meet for free shipping!

New Mod Required


Hohm Wrecker G2 171W TC $44.97! Code: G2FLASHx1

An absolute steal at this price. Highly recommended. I just bought one and I’m tempted to buy another. I’m addicted to these things…


Killer deal, love the mod. I would be real tempted to buy another if I didn’t already have 4 :triumph:


Aw hell, now I have to buy one more to keep up with you!


They totally remind me of the first seigeli box mod I once had.


Medicine Flower $3.99 for 5mls. I haven’t tried, but I think they normally run $20 for 15ml?


LOL, yeah, unfortunately the director of Hohm tech took the blame for the design, he loved the Sig 150 so much he decided on that style of box. I wish he would have waited and fell in love with the design of the Sig 213 (155 whatever :grin:) or Alien. I would be so done if a FSK chip was in one of those form factors.


Then PUT one in one! I mean, just saying


I would if I could, just don’t know how.